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WWA101 Intro to Water and Wastewater Operation     TTH     6:00-10:00       180 hours       

$1900.00 (includes text)                        Year Program                       E506                Westampton
The first 90-hours of this course cover mathematics and science needed for water/wastewater operation. Topics include mathematical operations, algebra, geometry, and physics as applied to hydraulics electricity, chemistry, and microbiology. The remaining 90-hours address water distribution and treatment. Satisfactory completion of IWW101 (180 hours), one year of on-the-job experience and a high school diploma are the NJ state requirements for the S-1, C-1, and T-1 level Water and Wastewater Operation Licensing.


WWA102 Industrial Waste Treatment                  TH                    6:30-9:30        45 hours

$450.00 (includes text)                                                                        D212               Medford

Prerequisites:  WWA101 and WWA104

This course provides an introduction to industrial waste treatment and preparation for the N-1/N-2 exams. 


WWA103 Advanced Water Operation                  TTH                6:00-9:00         90 hours

$950.00 (includes text)                                                                      A915               Westampton  

Prerequisite:  WWA101


WWA104 Advanced Wastewater Operation         MW                6:00-9:00         90 hours

$950.00 (includes text)                                                                      E506                Westampton

Prerequisite:  WWA101                                           


WWA105 Advanced Collections Operations         TTH                6:00-9:00         45 hours  

$450.00 (includes text)                                                                      E507                Westampton

Prerequisite:  WWA101 and high school diploma or equivalent

This course covers alternative facilities, collection systems, operation, and maintenance of pipelines, new construction, sewer repair, pumping facilities, safety, emergency response, and public relations.


WWA106 Very Small Water Systems                    TW                  6:00-9:00         12 hours

$100.00                                                                                             E506                Westampton

This course is for the Department of Environmental Protection certification program.