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PRIDE recognition trophy
Ellis Family Foundation gives PRIDE
The Ellis Family Foundation awarded a $500 grant to BCIT Foundation to support the PRIDE program at both campuses. Through PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort), BCIT recognizes the kinds of positive behaviors that contribute to positive academics. PRIDE purchases have included trophies that recognize staff and students on a monthly basis; gift cards handed out to reward students; and refreshments and entertainment for end-of-year events. (December 2016)
South Jersey Industries
South Jersey Industries provides learning tool for HVAC students

South Jersey Industries awarded the BCIT Foundation a grant to buy equipment that HVAC/R students will use as they learn how to diagnose and repair components in the field. The gauges and wireless transmitter allow technicians to get data from an outdoor compressor, for example, while they are inside measuring air temperature output. While the BCIT classroom doesn’t face the same distance challenges as exist in the field, the school wants graduates to be familiar with the kind of technology they will see on the job.

South Jersey Industries is a collection of utilities that includes South Jersey Gas and South Jersey Energy. SJI names voc-tech education as one of its philanthropic priorities, and it has given the Foundation grants for the school in each of the past four years. (October 2016)
Medford Robotics Club
Lockheed Martin helps with Robotics Club and STEM teaching

Lockheed Martin, an annual donor to the BCIT Foundation, will provide funding that will offset costs of a Robotics Club at Medford and STEM initiatives at both campuses.

Lockheed is the primary sponsor of the Medford Robotics Club, which has seen a steady increase in student involvement since forming in 2012. The grant will supplement school funding and club fundraising, serving as an important factor in the team’s ability to pay competition fees and replace consumable supplies including structural material, motors, wires and game elements.

A second grant will help both campuses establish an inventory of equipment from a company called littleBits. Those pieces can be used to create touch pads, build robots, design remote controls and create MP3 players – all tools that will help students meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with added emphasis on science, technology, engineering and design. Medford will receive the bulk of the grant to launch its littleBits-based initiative.  Westampton acquired a supply of littleBits through a grant last year, and this Lockheed Martin grant will add more complex components to its collection. At both schools, the equipment will help teachers expand concepts beyond the career-focused courses and into the general curriculum. With littleBits, students can create customized doorbells, vending machines, flying objects, remote-controlled cars – almost anything they can imagine.

Lockheed Martin channels much of its grant-giving to STEM-based instruction, and the company has nearly tripled its donations to BCIT in the past four years. (May 2016)

Heavy Duty Lift  
Haines Family Foundation covers costs of heavy-duty vehicle lift

A generous grant from the Haines Family Foundation has covered costs of a new, heavy-duty lift for the Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology program at Westampton campus. The donation will replace the shop’s 40-year-old vehicle lift, a key piece of instructional equipment that allows complete underbelly access to a vehicle’s mechanics.

BCIT Foundation thanks the Haines Family for its strong support of education in general and BCIT in particular.

The four columns of this specialty lift can be repositioned inside or outside, making it versatile for a variety of vehicles. It is surface-mounted, so it doesn’t require excavation for installation and it can be relocated. The lift operates with wireless controls, which eliminate the need for communication cables that can be cumbersome and hazardous to inexperienced students.

BCIT enrolls 35 students in its Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology program – double the number of four years ago. Graduates have the skills needed to enter the labor market in a variety of industries including construction, electrical generation, and transportation. Students are trained in all major fleet systems, and they become adept in the use of common and specialized tools required by that trade. Post-high school career paths include diesel engine mechanic, heavy duty equipment mechanic, superintendent of maintenance, and shop foreman.

The Haines Family Foundation is a longtitme supporer of BCIT. Matriarch Sara N. Haines was a charter member of its school board, she served as its president, and she was a strong supporter of education.  (May 2016)
BCIT Foundation BCIT Foundation awarded three teacher grants, using proceeds from Designer Bag Bingo fundraisers to meet its mission.

• Laptops for Dental Occupations/Dental Assisting (Westampton campus)

The dental program requested additional laptop computers and a printer to accommodate higher enrollment in both the high school and adult classes. They will be used for both age groups. Students need computers to access lecture materials, work on research projects, and complete all testing.

3D Printer (Westampton campus)
A 3-dimensional printer will help students understand the fundamentals of mechanical design. They will be able to produce full- or scale-sized prototypes from their computer-based projects. The printer would be used primarily by about 40 students at Westampton's Architecture and Design program, with added use by Pre-Engineering, Robotics, Exploratory and Summer Programs. This equipment will be ordered for use starting Fall 2016.

Online Vocabulary Instruction (Medford campus)
The Foundation will purchase a one-year subscription to a specialized vocabulary service starting Fall 2016. It will be used in all 9th grade English classes at Medford to help build students' vocabulary and comprehension. It focuses on tier 2 (academic) and tier 3 (content and shop specific) words. This pilot project supports the district's commitment to literacy development with the intent of proving its value for future use at both campuses.  
 (February 2016) 
Haines Family Foundation provides virtual reality training unit

BCIT Foundation appreciates the ongoing support of the Haines Family Foundation, which provided a grant to cover costs of a SimSpray Instructional Unit for Medford’s Auto Collision Repair Technology program.

This unit, styled like a video game, simulates most aspects of the complex process of auto body painting. The weight of the paint wand is similar to the real thing, the sounds mimic an actual paint sprayer, and the visuals make the user feel like a car panel is propped right in front of him or her. But while SimSpray imitates the process, it does not require a continual supply of costly, chemical-based material.
The equipment joins other virtual reality machines already in use at the Medford campus, including one that introduces welding basics and one that helps train Law and Public Safety students for dangerous situations.

The Haines Family Foundation is a longtime supporter of BCIT. Matriarch Sara N. Haines was a charter member of its school board, she served as its president, and she was a strong supporter of education.  (December 2015)
PSEG PSE&G grant cuts costs of safety equipment
PSE&G Foundation provided a grant towards costs of a stand-alone chemical analysis station for the Law and Public Safety career major. That plus a similar award from South Jersey Industries (see below), will cover two-thirds of the equipment's costs.

Students in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety program spray Luminol to identify washed-out blood stains and use carbon dust to turn latent fingerprints into visible evidence. Currently that work can only be done outside in amenable weather, and all chemicals and equipment must be transported. The program will benefit from this dedicated station with storage capability, integrated task lighting, and an overhead exhaust hood to contain airborne chemicals and byproducts.

PSE&G Foundation is the charitable arm of the utility that is New Jersey's largest provider of electric and gas service. We appreciate its multi-year commitment to supporting BCIT students and staff.  (July 2015)

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin helps Robotics Club and Electronics
The company will contribute toward the costs of the Robotics Club at our Medford campus, which will help ensure that everyone gets a hands-on experience even with a growing number of students participating. The grant will cover costs of start-up equipment kits, consumable supplies and competition fees. Lockheed Martin is the club’s most significant sponsor.

Another grant will offset costs of electronic training kits in Westampton’s Electronics career major. These self-contained units include the most common and useful electronic components. In addition to re-supplying a classroom with basics, the purchase will cover costs of rugged cases that will keep the classroom organized. The complete system is one that industry representatives recommend as they advise BCIT on ways to stay current with the workforce.

BCIT Foundation thanks Lockheed Martin for its continued support of BCIT and career-technical education.  (June 2015)