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  • Board of Education Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 1/26/2024

    At the Board meeting last night, there were two presentations made.  The first was made by the Principal of the Transition Campus for BCSSSD Mary Jean Kneringer and two of her staff who run the curriculum-based instruction paid and unpaid and job placements. Dr. Nagy thanked Ms. Kneringer and her team for an excellent overview of the impactful work taking place on the Transition Campus in our Special Services School District.


    The second presentation was introduced by Dr. Nagy.  He took the time to read a resolution on the agenda dedicated to the Board as part of New Jersey School Boards Association’s recognition of school board members across the state. Dr. Nagy honored the BoE members for their dedicated service and presented each with a certificate of appreciation. Please see below the years of service:


    Tyler Burrell, President    3 years

    Robert Brittain, VP           15 years

    Raymond Marini                4 years

    Odise Carr                            2 years

    Tiffany Cohen                      1 year

    Dr. Charles McCabe            1 year

    Michelle Parker                   4 years



    Dr. Nagy congratulated the retirees on the agenda. He wished them good health and happiness in their next endeavors.  He also thanked them for their years of service and dedication to the students and district.


    The current calendars for both districts have been updated and were approved to respond to changes based on two school closure days last week.


    Dr. Nagy thanked the building administrators, staff and students for their thoughtful and creative ways to celebrate the life and message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this month.


    The Board approved the Statement of Assurance for Paraprofessionals, the Student Safety Data Submission (SSDS), the revision of the MOA between Education and Law Enforcement Officials.


    The Board also approved a number of curriculum revisions and an affiliation agreement as well as a number of ROD Grants and a bus grant and authorization for re-bid BCIT roof replacement work.


    There was one item on the addendum and the Board approved the local recreation improvement grant.


    Dr. Nagy recognized and called upon Liam Redford, our student representative to the Board  to make his presentation on behalf of both high schools. Dr. Nagy then thanked him for his detailed report on the activities on both BCIT campuses that are in the news. He also recognized Liam for his performance in the closing ceremony for the International Thespian Society Festival.  Dr. Nagy then highlighted some of the campus news.


    Dr. Nagy congratulated the Performing Arts Theatre Major student Jordin Gayle who finished first and earned the Governor’s Award for Dramatic Monologue. He also recognized Westech Junior Jahnese Session who was elected as an executive member and State Officer for the NJ Association of Student Councils. Dr. Nagy also recognized Nesta Rice for joining the 1,000 point club for girls basketball.  Dr. Nagy also provided a shout out to the girls bowling team that is shattering records and to the boys bowling team which is currently undefeated.


    Dr. Nagy noted that all are excited to see the construction work started at the Medford campus to expand the footprint of the building and our CTE programs. Dr. Nagy added that it is  anticipated that work at the West Campus will take place late in the Spring based on bids.


    BCIT is currently undergoing the QSAC process which is a comprehensive review of district operations on metrics determined by the NJDOE.



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  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remembered

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 1/15/2024
    Today there will be no school to honor the pioneering work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is remembered more than 50 years later after his death. Students on all campuses have engaged in writing exercises, videos, speeches, and artwork to commemorate the life of Dr. King.  In an era without the assistance of social media, Dr. King influenced the nation before his life was prematurely taken.  One of his defining moments was when he led a march and protest in Washington, D.C. in 1963 among other protests to promote nonviolent awareness regarding racial inequality. He is best known among many speeches for his "I have a Dream Speech" which addressed injustice and served as a challenge to respect one another and treat all equally.  The following year in 1964, Dr. King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against racial inequality.  

    We are very proud of the commitment of our administration and staff to support the District's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Dr. King's civil rights movement is a defining moment in United States history and his message is very important and relevant more so than ever today that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and defines the importance of ending racial inequality. 

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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