• Who:       

    All students enrolled in Algebra 1 and/or English 9 in NJ.


    • ELA: 5/21-22
    • Algebra 1: 5/14-15

    Items to bring to testing:

    • Charged Chromebook
    • Earbuds (plug-in)
    • Graphing Calculator (also built in)


    Math Study Guides: IXL Study Guide

    Math Practice Tests:

    ELA Practice Tests:

    General Test Tips:

    • Get a good night’s sleep.
    • Eat breakfast.
    • Read all of the options for multiple choice questions, then make your decision.
    • Use the “answer eliminator” button in the toolbar to eliminate answer choices that are definitely wrong.
    • Attempt all problems on the test and leave nothing blank.

    Math Test Tips:

      • Use the “highlight” tool to focus on what the problem is asking you to do.
      • Use your graph/scratch paper (i.e. read the question on the computer, solve the problem on paper, and then type the answers from your paper to the computer, making sure not to forget anything).
      • Use vocabulary words in your explanations.

    ELA Test Tips:

    • There is a reason the passages are still on the screen. Please refer to them when you answer the multiple-choice questions. 
    • Even if you are not sure which multiple-choice answer is the best, narrow it down and make an educated guess. You will get zero points if you skip it, but if you put in your best guess, you have a shot at getting it right.    
    • If you have trouble focusing while reading the passages, read the multiple-choice questions first, then go back and start reading the passages.
    • When you start the test, read the essay questions FIRST. Then go back to the beginning and start reading the passages. Use the scrap paper to take notes on important details that pertain to the essay question as you read.  Details will jump out at you because you are reading with a purpose.
    • Use textual evidence to support your essay responses.