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    Ms. Kelly Cook

    Academic Instructor

    Having grown up in Medford, and graduated from BCIT, Westampton (way back when it was known as BCVTHS, Burlington County Vocational and Technical High School…Gosh, am I dating myself?), I was more than excited to accept a teaching position here at the Medford campus.  My excitement and enthusiasm has not faltered since my first year and I attribute that to the attitude and caliber of the students with which I work.  Indeed, BCIT Medford is my school of choice!  However, I did not spend all my years in Medford or at the BCIT campuses.  After leaving high school, I moved to Los Angeles where I obtained a psychiatric nursing license and worked as a charge nurse on the adolescent unit of a private hospital.  From there, I returned to New Jersey and spent many years working with children, adolescents, and adults in residential settings or day centers.  Eventually I earned my teaching certificate, and well, here I am!