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    Director of Facility
    John Auleta

    Buildings & Grounds Department is to provide a safe & clean environment where our students & staff can successfully learn and teach.


     Burlington County Institute Of Technology Building Code Compliance

     All pertinent information and services in this website complies with all applicable codes pertaining to the Burlington County Institute of Technology educational buildings, such as PEOSH (Public Employees Occupational Safety & Health), Hazardous Communication, New Jersey Right to Know and AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) regulations.

    Information regarding these regulations are  available for review in the Buildings and Grounds office at 609-267-4226.   



    Burlington County Insitute of Technology Facility Usage 

    The Burlington County Institute of Technology recognizes that school facilities are public property and as such should be made available for use by community based groups which provide educational, cultural, social, or athletic services or events. However, the Board also recognizes that the primary purpose of school facilities is to support the educational system and, as such cannot permit non-school activities to interfere with that purpose.

     The following rooms are available for rental:
    • Auditorium
    • Classrooms
    • Cafeteria/Dining Room (not including kitchen)
    • Athletic Fields
    • Gymnasiums
    • Media Center

    Buildings and Grounds Department Services It is mandatory that a custodian holding a black seal certificate be present during any and all events.  Due to this regulation, a custodian must be on duty and a charge equivalent to his/her hourly rate or his/her overtime rate, if required.  All applicable fees will be quoted upon receipt of application.  When applying, include set-up and clean-up time into the facilities rental request.

    *Please note, the facilities are NOT available for private events.  
    Questions Regarding BCIT's Westampton or Medford Facility Use,  Please Contact 609-267-4226 x8208