• Virtual Summer Enrichment Classes


    The English and Math departments will be offering virtual summer enrichment classes starting July 12th and ending July 29th. 

    See the course descriptions and FAQ below for more information.  Final course schedules will be based on student interest and space is limited. 


     Please use the following link to register for summer virtual classes: https://forms.gle/EPxQUL9ZCkhNf72YA  

    Registration will close on June 20th.  If a class has reached max capacity before then, pelase email jrista@burlcoschools.org to be placed on a waitlist.

  • Math Department
    Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9:30-11:00 am
    (and 12:00-1:30 pm depending on enrollment)

    The Math department will be offering multiple virtual classes this summer to choose from:

    • Algebra I: Designed for students going into 9th grade to review critical skills from pre-algebra and preview Algebra I material for the coming academic year.


    • Geometry:  REACHED MAX CAPACITY Designed for students going into 10th grade to review critical skills from Algebra I and preview Geometry material for the coming academic year.


    • Algebra II:  Designed for students going into 11th grade to review critical skills from Algebra I and Geometry and preview material for the coming academic year.


    • Financial Literacy:   REACHED MAX CAPACITY Open to all students going into 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.  This course will explore the math involved with real-world financial decisons, using actual advertisements, offers, solications, and deals that consumers see on a daily basis.  Although students will not complete the entire financial literacy module required for graduation, students can work towards completing select lessons under teacher guidance.  Click here for more information.
  • English Department
    Monday's and Wednesday's from 9:30-11:00 am
    (and 12:00-1:30 pm depending on enrollment)
    The English department will be offering two virtual classes open to all students:
    • Creative Writing Class: REACHED MAXIMUM CAPACITY Creative Writing Class is open to all students wanting a fun opportunity to explore their “voice” with the written word! Through diverse activities, games, and personal projects, students will experiment with a great variety of techniques of creative style, reflection, poetic verse, and story-building.
    • Communication in the Classroom: REACHED MAXIMUM CAPACITY In today’s world students need to know how to process and present information. These skills cross curriculum standards and are a necessary function of everyday life. This course focuses on the importance of 21st Century Skills such as public speaking and presentation in the classroom. Students can revitalize skills that may have been weakened during hybrid learning. Students will be introduced to the process of public speaking and how to break it into manageable components. Students will work on critical thinking, analyzing, and synthesizing information and how to apply that information in discussions. They will cultivate oral communication skills such as speaking, presenting, and active listening. They will work with peers and fortify collaboration skills. Students will also learn how to incorporate creativity and personal expression into their presentations to become comfortable in a live class setting.

  • FAQ:

    • Can incoming 9th graders take summer enrichment classes?
      • Yes.
    • How long is each session?
      • Each class is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Can my student sign up for both math and English classes?
      • Yes.  The English classes are on Monday's and Wednesday's and the math classes are on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
    • What do I need to be able to participate fully in the virtual summer enrichment classes?
      • You will need internet connection and a computer with a camera.  If you would like to participate and do not have access to one or both of these, please reach out to Jessica Rista: jrista@burlcoschools.org for assistance.
    • Will students earn credit for failed math or English classes?
      • No, these classes are not for credit.  The classes are enrichment opportunities to prepare students for the upcoming school year.