• Radiate program students Radiate program students with teacher.


  • The Office of Equity and Diversity partners with TCNJ’s RADIATE program. RADIATE is designed to prepare and support young men of color as they explore careers as educators. 

    Our students participate in TCNJ’s RADIATE Academy. 

    The RADIATE Academy takes place over five weeks in February and March. Students attend five Saturday sessions at TCNJ, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. These sessions include seminars and hands-on activities that cover important aspects of the teaching profession; college and career readiness; health and wellness; and social, political, and education inequities. 

    Students also gain experience with the Praxis® Core tests in reading, writing, and math. These tests are often used by colleges and universities to evaluate applicants who are interested in entering their educator preparation programs (i.e., TCNJ’s School of Education). Mentees use Khan Academy resources to help them prepare for one practice test administered during the RADIATE Academy. In March, students take all three official Praxis® Core exams over two weekends.

    Outside of the RADIATE Academy’s weekend sessions, students also are expected to devote time to completing assignments that include volunteer service (a minimum of four hours), Khan Academy course work, and the capstone project.

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