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Diploma Conferral Ceremony

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Cap Toss Edited by Sean Lurty

Senior Baby Pictures Edited by Abby Crawley

Senior Goodbye

  • Class of 2020 BCIT Medford 

    Diploma Conferral Schedule (Date changed to July 9th, 2020 due to anticpated inclement weather)

     We look forward to recognizing the graduating Class of 2020. To prepare students, staff, and guests for the Diploma Conferral Ceremony on July 9th, we have included guidelines for the day below.  

    You will notice start times for all of the Career Majors at BCIT Medford.  To create a meaningful ceremony for our students, we have combined different areas.  Because several celebrations are planned, it is essential that we stay on schedule to ensure enough time to honor all of our graduates. 

    Safety Overview
    The Department of Education has established strict guidelines to be followed by the district for the outdoor ceremony: 

    • Everyone attending the ceremony must wear a mask. (Students will be provided a mask as they check in to the ceremony.)
    •  Proper Social Distancing
      • Students will be seated 6 feet apart. 
      • Spectators will also be seated 6 feet apart, grouped by families.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to bring their own outdoor seating for their safety and comfort. (If you do not have your own, seating will be provided.)
      • We respectfully request that attendees do not congregate in groups besides your student and immediate family members. 

     Visit this link for more information on DOE  guidelines for outdoor ceremonies:

     Ceremony Schedule
    Start times for each ceremony are listed below.  In order to maintain this schedule, we ask parents and students to report to campus 30 minutes prior to your assigned ceremony.  

    Arrival and Parking Zones
    Upon arrival, you will be directed to your designated Parking Zone (A, B, or C)  in the Student Parking Lot. Staff members stationed in the parking lot will indicate when students should report to the check-in table.  It is imperative that families stay in their vehicles until instructed to move to the appropriate area.  

     IMPORTANT:  All participant traffic will enter through what is typically the EXIT of the main loop around the pond on campus.  When entering the campus, you will be directed to the appropriate zone in the student parking lot. 

     Procedures for Ceremony

    1. Students will receive two tickets for the event. Every student is permitted one vehicle on campus.  If there are any extenuating circumstances, feel free to email: Mr. Parker at
    2. Students/Families will be directed to leave their vehicles and move towards the check-in table.  There, every student will receive a mask, directions for seating, and the order of events for the ceremony.  
    3. During the ceremony, as each student’s name is called, they will walk across the stage and obtain their diploma.  A professional photographer will take pictures of the students as they complete this process, and these photos will be available to students and their families. We ask guests not to leave their designated seating areas to take pictures.  
    4. Once the ceremony has concluded, students will be directed to the check-out table. There, they will receive their final documentation from the district.  At that time, students and families will be directed back to their vehicles to promptly leave the campus. 

    We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to celebrate our Seniors with an outdoor graduation ceremony. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we must stress the importance of following the DOE guidelines. 

    Congratulations again to the Class of 2020!  We look forward to a wonderful day! 

     Parking Map



  • Senior School Items Drop Off Letter June 9th

    Senior Drop-Off of School Items

    Beginning the week of June 15th, Seniors will be permitted to drop off school items at the Medford campus.  All school property needs to be returned to the school in order to participate in the July 8th Diploma Conferral Ceremony.  

    The following items must be returned to the school to avoid a student obligation:

    • Textbooks
    • Uniforms and/or sports equipment
    • Shop Tools



    *** If you are unable to make your scheduled time, you are free to drop off the items on any of the designated days.  The schedule is designed to limit the amount of people on campus, but we are aware that flexibility is needed regarding parents and students' daily schedules. ***


    Students and parents are to stay in their vehicles at all times.  When entering the campus, head towards the main entrance/flag pole area.  There will be a table set up with a staff member to collect your items.  You will be given a return form to complete that identifies the items that you are returning to the school as a record of the transaction.  Once the items have been returned and signed for, you will be directed to leave campus.

    In order to speed up the process the Returned Items Form will be attached to this email.  It is recommended that you complete the form prior to coming to campus.



  • June 5th Parent & Student Graduation Planning Letter


    Dear Graduate & Families:

     Recently the Governor has provided new guidelines regarding Graduation Ceremonies for school districts to follow.  The BCIT District and Building Administrative teams have developed the following plan to celebrate the Class of 2020:

     Virtual Graduation Ceremony:

     Date: June 19th

    When: 4 pm

    Where: YouTube Link on Medford Homepage


    Diploma Conferral Ceremony by Career Major:

     Date: July 8 (Rain Date July 9)

    When: Program to begin at 10:00 am

    Where: BCIT Medford Campus (Outdoors: In front of the Main Office)


    The Diploma Conferral Ceremony will be a series of mini-services organized by the students’ CTE area (Career Major).  A schedule will be provided to the students and families with the assigned times for their ceremony.  Each ceremony will be approximately 20-25 minutes, students will have the opportunity to be seated (6 feet apart) with their classmates wearing caps and gowns, walk across the stage to receive their diploma, and have a professional photograph taken.

     Due to the current guidelines, students will receive two tickets for the ceremony and only one vehicle will be permitted on campus.  A specific parking plan will be shared as the event approaches.  Ticket recipients will be safely seated behind the students as they view the ceremony.  We recommend that you bring your own outdoor seating for your comfort and safety.

     All students and ticket recipients must follow social distancing protocols and will be required to wear masks at all times.  Student seats will be arranged according to the 6’ social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and the state.  BCIT Medford will be providing the students with customized Jaguar Masks for the ceremony.

     At the conclusion of the ceremony, students will be directed to a designated area to obtain all their final documentation and directed to leave campus.  Once again, all social distancing guidelines must be followed and we are requesting that students and families leave the campus once the ceremony has concluded.  We will have approximately 20 ceremonies throughout the day and we must limit the number of people on campus at one time. 

     We all know that nothing could replace the memories of a traditional graduation, but we are hopeful that the two programs give us the best opportunity under the current conditions to celebrate the graduates.

     Please visit the MedTech Senior Celebrate page under the OUR SCHOOLS link on our main page for graduation updates and news.

     Thank you and continue to be safe!


    BCIT Medford Administrative Team,

     Mr. Parker

    Mr. Pino

    Dr. Bouchard

Message from Dr. English

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  • form Social Media Form

    We want to celebrate YOU! Please complete this Social Media Release Form to provide the district the appropriate permissions for all the end of the year events regarding social media.


    Locker Clean Out Form

    Please complete this locker clean out this locker clean out form to provide the district with information about the contents of your personal belongings in school lockers. 


    grad cap Cap & Gown Information

     Caps and Gowns are scheduled to be delivered to the students along with a special gift the first week of June.  Staff and administration will be delivering the items to the seniors homes under the current “social distancing” protocol.  Communication will be emailed and posted on various media sites to identify the day of the delivery!  

  • Cap Toss Video & Baby Pictures

    Dear Class of 2020, 

    With all the uncertainty surrounding graduation due to the extenuating circumstances caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have come up with a few awesome ideas to honor our Class of 2020 graduates and their families. While we still plan to film and release a formal commencement and roll call to recognize each Senior individually, we also plan to put together two other presentations with the help of our administrators and staff. 

    The first presentation will be a Graduation Dance Celebration and Cap Toss. We are allowing the Class of 2020, for the first time ever, to decorate their caps  For this video, we plan to showcase our Seniors by having them turn in a 10-second dance video in their cap and gown. At the beginning of each individual video, the Senior will:

    1. Catch their cap entering from screen left (their right),

    2. They will pause to show off their personalized cap, and then

    3. Throw it off-screen to screen right (their left). 

    This will showcase a horizontal progression of each student catching and throwing their cap and have the effect of their classmates receiving their own. This has been a popular method to celebrate high school sports teams around the country and we believe this is a fun way to recognize our graduates individually as well as collectively. This video will be posted on our school’s YouTube page. 

    Click the link below to view an example (remember you are showing your decorated cap and not putting the cap on your head):

    Graduation Cap Toss

    The second presentation will be a Senior Baby Picture Montage through a Google Slide Presentation. If you or your parent have not already submitted a Baby Picture to the Yearbook advisors, please turn in a Baby Picture of yourself.   We will use the Class of 2020’s Baby Pictures in a Google Slide Presentation of the Class of 2020 which will be posted on our school website. You can do this by scanning the photo and sending it or taking a photo of the photo on your cell phone.  

    We ask that you email these  pictuers and videos to the following teachers:

    If your last name starts with A-M then please email Ms. Murrenburke

    If your last name starts with N-Z then please email Ms. Murro

    **Please make sure that the senior’s full name and video title are listed in the subject line of the email.  For example:

       Joseph Smith/ baby photos  or Joseph Smith/ dance celebration

    We ask that you please turn in the Baby Picture by this Mon., May 25th & the Graduation Dance Celebration Video by Mon., June 8th at 12 pm prompt.

    If you have any questions, please send them to, our Entertainment Technology teacher, or any of your Administrators; Mr. Parker, Mr. Pino, or Dr. Bouchard. 


Class of 2020 Honorees

  • Medtech Honorees

Graduation program

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Important Reminders

  • Use Google Takeout to move your district Google content to a personal Google account. This is very important as your school account will be deleted and you will lose access to all of the content at the end of July. No one will be able to recover it for you.




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