• Are you ready to unlock your potential as a future engineer and innovator? Welcome to the thrilling world of the Pre-Engineering program! If you have a passion for problem-solving, love math and science, and dream of creating cutting-edge solutions, then this program is tailor-made for you!

Do you love the thrill of a challenge?

    • Are you curious about how things work and can't wait to build something incredible? In our Pre-Engineering program, learning comes alive through exciting Integrated Learning Units. Get ready for hands-on adventures that bring math and science to life. Explore real-world challenges and use your creativity to design solutions that can change the world.

    • But that's not all! In our Master Project Units, you'll become part of a dynamic team of like-minded students. Together, you'll tackle thrilling real-world engineering projects. Not only will you develop technical skills, but you'll also gain invaluable industry-vital soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and communication – qualities that will make you stand out in any career.

    • But there's more! Beyond the classroom, you'll have amazing opportunities to join robotics clubs, participate in engineering competitions, and even intern with local engineering firms. Imagine gaining hands-on experience and showcasing your talents in the real world!

    • Are you ready to create a future where technology meets imagination? Our Pre-Engineering program will pave the way for your dreams to soar. Whether you're dreaming of attending a top engineering university or jumping straight into a thrilling career, this program will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Join us in the Pre-Engineering program and embark on a journey filled with excitement, innovation, and endless possibilities. Unleash your potential and become the engineer of your dreams – the world is waiting for your brilliant ideas!

    Offered exclusively at our Westampton Campus