NJ 2021 Lighthouse District

  • As the Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Diversity, I’m elated and so proud to announce that our district, BCIT, has been awarded the prestigious and coveted NJDOE Lighthouse award for our equity initiatives. We are 1 of 7 districts that received the distinction. NJ has over 600 school districts. 
    What is the Lighthouse Award?

    The purpose of the Lighthouse Award is to designate districts and charter schools that have demonstrated measurable progress with diverse groups of learners. Lighthouse awardees show strong improvement because they engage their educational community and use data to individualize support. This award recognizes the hard work of all stakeholders in the school district community including district and school leaders, teachers, students, parents and school community members.

    How are Lighthouse Awardees Selected?

    Awardees are chosen by the New Jersey Department of Education without having to apply for the designation.  The Department considers qualitative and quantitative data to find districts and charter schools that have advanced equity in their local community. BCIT was chosen for their equity work related to increasing enrollment in AP, IB and career and technical education and other equity initiatives. 

    Please see our profile on the NJDOE website:
    I would like to thank everyone in our school community. I would especially like to thank the Staff Equity Champions, Student Equity Champions, Equity Action Council, CTE teachers, Guidance/CST department, administration, Dr. Nagy and Dr. English.