• Alumna Testimonial



    May 14, 2023

    Dear Dr. Nagy:

    My name is Pafricia Costa-Lake and I am an insüuctor for Burlington County Institute of Technology's (BCIT) Adult Education in the Certified Nurse Aid Proga.m. Ciera Lehrer is a 2018 graduate from BCIT in the Allied Health Programs and she was in my course in her senior year. After her graduation, she went on to take the License Practical Nurse Program at BCIT Adult Education, and she received her license as an LPN. She has continued her career at Capital Health System Nursing School for her R.N. and will graduate this week. Ciera called me and informed me she has been selected as the Valedictorian for her graduating class.

    Adult Education does not get the glamour of compulsory education usually because life paths are constantly changing and there is no 'destiny' yearbooks. However; the need for education throughout life is compulsory and both adults and children need to recognize this fact.

    So, I hoping to spread the news of this alumnus from BCIT whom is practicing life long learning. I hope you can be as proud of her as I am. Ciera Lehrer and her education path is worth talking about, after all she will be talking about you on Thursday night at her graduation.

    Patricia Costa-Lake RN


    Dr. Frederick Aiken

    Dr. Joseph Venuto

    Dr. Euphemia Lazarus