Video Game Design

  • Are you a gaming enthusiast eager to dive into the exciting world of video game design? Look no further! Join our four-year High School Video Game Design Program and embark on an epic journey into the realm of game development using the industry's leading platform, Unity!

    Why Choose Our Program?

    Create Your Own Games: Unleash your creativity and turn your wildest gaming ideas into reality! With Unity, you'll design and build your very own video games from scratch, bringing your imagination to life on the screen.

    Master Unity, the Game Dev Giant: Discover the power of Unity, the same platform used by professional game developers worldwide! Become a Unity wizard as you explore its features, tools, and mechanics to craft mind-blowing gaming experiences.

    E-Sports Extravaganza: Ready to take your gaming skills to the next level? Join our E-Sports Team and Club and compete against other schools in thrilling tournaments! Represent our school with pride and prove your gaming prowess to the world.

    Team Up and Thrive: Collaboration is the heart of our program! Work alongside like-minded students who share your passion for gaming. You'll learn to communicate, problem-solve, and grow as a team while creating breathtaking games together.

    Uncover Your Artistic Talents: Whether you're a coding genius or an artistic prodigy, our program caters to all talents! Explore 3D modeling, animation, storytelling, sound design, and more to find your niche in the fascinating world of game development..

    Esports Integration: Our program seamlessly integrates with the E-Sports Team and Club, allowing you to balance your passion for gaming and game development. Get the best of both worlds by honing your skills as a player and a creator!

    Your Future in Gaming: Dream of a career in the gaming industry? Our program sets you on the path to success! Build an impressive portfolio and gain valuable experience to stand out when applying for college or stepping into the gaming industry.

    Fun, Fun, Fun: Most importantly, our program is all about FUN! Embrace the joy of gaming, unleash your imagination, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.


    Launching Fall 2024

    Offered exclusively at our Medford Campus