• Academy for Performing Arts 

    The BCIT Academy of Performing Arts is an immersive four-year, conservatory program dedicated to preparing students for post-secondary training and careers in their chosen performing arts discipline.  Applicants must meet minimum academic and artistic requirements demonstrated through a competitive application and audition process to be selected as a Theatre, Dance, Vocal Music or Instrumental Music major. The Academy of Performing Arts provides students with quality training provided by professional artists in their discipline, while allowing opportunities to train in the other disciplines, creating well rounded and marketable artists. The Academy is a highly specialized and safe learning community promoting professionalism, integrity, and citizenship while challenging students through rigorous academics. Simultaneously, students are immersed in a dynamic and intense Performing Arts program in theatre, dance, vocal and instrumental music which fosters strong personal, intellectual, and creative development while opening the door for students to pursue a career in the Performing Arts. Additionally, guest artist residencies and partnerships with the performing arts community are staples of the program. Students enrolled in the BCIT Academy of Performing Arts will participate in a comprehensive program designed to prepare the actors, dancers, and musicians of tomorrow, complete with numerous performance opportunities and proper preparation for college placement. 

    "Good Morning" - NJ Thespian Festival, January 2017, Performed by Academy for Performing Arts students



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