Veterinary Technology

  • Discover Your Passion for Animal Care with the Veterinary Technology Program!
    Our Veterinary Technology Program is tailor-made for students like you who dream of working with animals and making a difference in their lives.

Are you a compassionate animal lover looking for a rewarding career?

    • Exciting Career Pathways: Imagine yourself working in a bustling veterinary hospital, tending to adorable furry patients, or assisting skilled veterinarians in life-saving procedures. With our program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to excel as a Veterinary Assistant or Veterinary Technician. Our program will also prepare you to continue on to higher education with college credits if your plans are to become a veterinarian. Whether you see yourself in a clinic, a grooming shop, or even a research facility, the possibilities are endless!

    • Hands-On Learning Adventure: Get ready for an exhilarating hands-on learning adventure where you'll dive straight into the world of animal care. From day one, you'll be working with real animals, learning to handle and care for them like a pro. Our state-of-the-art labs and facilities provide the perfect playground to sharpen your skills and build your confidence.

    • Supportive and Fun Learning Environment: At our Veterinary Technology program, we value each student's unique journey. Our passionate and experienced faculty are committed to your success, providing personalized guidance and mentorship every step of the way. We believe learning should be enjoyable, and that's why we foster a supportive and fun-filled atmosphere where you can thrive and form lifelong friendships.

    • Become a Certified Animal Care Champion: Our program doesn't stop at graduation; it opens doors to a world of opportunities! Gain a competitive edge with our nationally recognized Level 1 Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) credential. Employers across the country value this certification, giving you a head start in your dream career.


  • Don't wait to turn your passion for animals into a fulfilling career! Embrace your calling and embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Veterinary Technology Program. The world of animal care awaits you, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

    Enroll now and let your love for animals pave the way to a bright and promising future as a compassionate Veterinary Assistant or skilled Veterinary Technician. Embrace your destiny as an animal care champion!

    Offered at the Medford and Westampton Campus

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