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    President’s Message:

    "As President, I may be leading the other members in events, but I hope to also help to lead the way in inspiring the young minds of our club. This is our involvement, and we are here to serve the community. We are a student led organization that helps bring prosperity though charity and build strong leaders of the future along the way. As Mahatma Ghandi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world".

    Vice President’s Message:

    "My goals and ambitions for this service year are to inspire people; to show all Key Clubbers that they are capable of doing anything. I want them to come to meeting and events and feel the warmth of love I have for Key Club. I may not be able to inspire them all but even if I only leave a few willing and enthusiastic members once I graduate. I will feel I've accomplished what I come to do."
    Secretary's Message:

    "My goal as Secretary is to keep Key Club organized and in order. I am the right hand man to the President and the Vice President. I usually work behind the scenes, but when I do come out, I like to keep my members well informed and get them active in the activities or fundraisers Key Club will be sponsoring. My hope is that this year will be better than any other year of Key Club!"

    Webmaster's Message:

     "Key Club is a team building organization, that takes in students, trains them in leadership and social skills, and then releases them into the world with new traits that they have learned. They train them to be the best they can be. That is the reason why I joined Key Club and I am very thankful and I appreciate the experience that I'm having here in this club."As webmaster I 

    Editor's Message:

    "As editor of Key Club I intend on showcasing to everyone the amazing things we do in Key Club through our newsletters. This letter will inform other key clubs of what we do and how successful we are at it. I hope that together we can make our Key Club successful and news worthy. This year has been going by fast and i hope to see everyone enjoy Key Club."My goal is to help many people. I would love for my next two years of high school to see Key Club accomplish many great things."