• Credit Remediation Options

    The following are summer school make-up programs offered this year.

    Registration forms are available in our guidance office.
    Note: Most applications require a counselor’s signature.



    Ambler Plaza

    12 East Butler Avenue, Suite 100
    Ambler, PA 19002


    Email: educere@educere.net


    Course and Program Information

    Generally, the courses made available through Educere are delivered primarily through the internet and/or computer. However, the methods used to deliver a given course could include any combination of the Internet, Email, Streaming Video, Streaming Audio, DVD, CD, Video Tape, Audio Tape, Real-time Telephone-based Meetings, Real-time Web-based Voice Meetings, Real-time Web-based Text Meetings, Print Materials, and Traditional Mail. Most courses are delivered in an asynchronous (anywhere, anytime) environment.  A virtual instructor teaches each course, and students communicate with the instructor via email and/or toll-free phone number.  An Educere Personal Learning Coach™ supports the student throughout the virtual education experience.  The Educere Personal Learning Coach™ is not a tutor.



    ·       Start Date: Approximately 7 days after receipt of registration and payment

    End Date: Credit recovery courses must be completed within 60 days of the student's start date.Except half or quarter credit courses must be completed within 30 days of the student's start date.
    All courses are self-paced, but students must complete them by the end date set.


    Registration Information

    ·        Review course selections with your Guidance Counselor

    Register online at www.educere.net using Educere course number and MEDFORD CAMPUS school code A3GGI53G.


    Contact Information

    ·         Medford Campus Guidance Department: 609-654-0200 x8418 or x8423

    Educere Personal Learning Coach™: 866-4EDUCERE (433-8237)


    Keystone Credit Recovery

    920 Central Road
    Bloomsburg, PA 17815


    Course and Program Information

    Keystone Credit Recovery courses are designed for students who have failed a previous attempt at a course. Credit recovery units are not intended as original credit and do not re-teach content for an entire course. Students complete short-term coursework for credit, which is awarded at their school’s discretion.

    Before you begin, having the following materials in order will make your enrollment process smoother:
    To enroll in credit recovery courses, students must be recommended by their school counselor, principal, or other authorized school official. All requested school information, including school official's signature, must be included on the pre-approval form.
    Payment for courses can be made by credit card, money order, or check payable to Keystone Credit Recovery.



    Online Courses:

    Single units (Part A or B) must be completed in a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks. Students combining units (Parts A and B combined) must complete the course work in a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.
    Correspondence Courses:
    Single units are due in six weeks. Students must keep the materials for a minimum of 2 weeks. Students enrolling in more than one unit will have one additional week per unit. For example, students enrolled in 3 units will have an 8-week due date.


    Registration Information

    Please follow these steps:

    Discuss with the student's school counselor which credit-recovery unit to take.
    Fill out the enrollment form.
    Get the school counselor's signature.

    Send form with payment to:

    Keystone Credit Recovery
    920 Central Road
    Bloomsburg, PA 17815

    or fax form to 1-570-784-2129


    Contact Information

    BCIT High School Guidance Department: 609-654-0200 x8423