• Student Agreements

    As a student in the School-to-Work program, you will sign an agreement. Below you will find the information in the agreement, as well as how it will affect your school work. You can view the Class Rules and Regulations here.

    As a STUDENT EMPLOYEE, I agree to do the following:

    1.    I will maintain regular attendance both in school and on the job, maintain a "C" average in all subjects, and notify the school and employer if unable to report to work. I will not work on any school day I fail to attend school, without the signed consent of the school coordinator.

    2.    I will demonstrate honesty, punctuality, courtesy, a cooperative attitude, proper health and grooming habits, appropriate dress and willingness to learn.

    3.    I will talk to the coordinator and workplace mentor about any difficulties arising at the work site.

    4.    I will obey the rules and regulations of the workplace and comply with the employer's business practices and hiring procedures (may involve drug testing).

    5.    I will furnish the coordinator with all necessary information, complete all reports and keep a daily record of time and training activities. I understand that I will receive credit only if assignments, time sheets, and evaluations are satisfactorily completed.

    6.    I will meet the minimum qualifications of industry committee prerequisites for hiring/meeting minimum niche standards.