• Employer Agreement

    As an employer, you will sign an agreement with the school in order to hire a student. You may view the agreement below:

    As an EMPLOYER, I agree to do the following:

    1.    I will adhere to all federal and state regulations regarding employment including the Fair Labor Standards Act, insurance, safety, child labor laws, minimum wage and nondiscrimination and other applicable regulations.

    2.    I will provide the employer-based learning site for the student, provide direct supervision at all times and assist the student in achieving the necessary occupational and academic skills and knowledge.

    3.    I will notify the coordinator if student difficulties arise at the work site, including attendance problems.

    4.    I will assist in the evaluation of the student employee and provide time for the workplace mentor to meet with the coordinator.

    5.    I will ensure that the combination of the student's school hours and work hours do not exceed 40 hours in one week.

    6.    I will certify that an employee is not being displaced by hiring this student in a structured employer-based learning experience.

    7.    I will provide adequate equipment for the student to gain experience consistent with the occupation.

    8.    I will provide a safe and healthful work environment.

    9.    I will provide worker's compensation insurance.

    10.  I will comply with all state and federal civil rights laws covered in #1 above.