~ go to the BCIT Medford Media Center Research Databases webpage

    and select NoodleTools 

    ~ if prompted, username is (see librarian for and passwords)  to get to the NoodleTools Webpage.

    Click on “current users: sign in”

    If you are a previous user and have a Personal ID,

              ~fill in the information in “Already Have a Personal ID 


    If you are a new user you must click on “Create a Personal ID

    Click on “An Account linked to a school/library subscription or trial”

    Click Register

    School/Library Username: (see Ms. Allen for passwords & username)

    School/Library Password:  

    Fill out the “New User Registration” page, remember to write down your Personal ID and Password along with your 4 digit phone# for future reference.


    My Lists’ page -

    Now, click “Create a new list” or open a previously created list.

    Step 1:  select MLA Advanced

    Step 2:  name your works cited in the description box (for example: senior


    ~click “Create List”




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