• What’s Happening in Medford   

    Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    Good Morning BCIT! A message from the BCIT GSA….Today we asked students to wear a color that made them confident, representing every shade and hue! Did you know that the original pride flag, designed by Gilbert Baker, included 8 colors that represented the values of the community? Pink for Love, Red for Life, Orange for Healing, Yellow for Sunlight, Green for Nature, Turquoise for Magic, Indigo for Serenity, and Violet for Spirit? In recent years, many flags have been updated to be inclusive of the whole community, with yellow with a purple circle being added for Intersex people, Brown and Black being added for POC communities, and white, pink, and light blue being added for the trans community. Happy Pride! 


    Attention all students who are interested in running cross country next school year. There will be a meeting on Wednesday, June 7th during 4th block. In order to attend the meeting, you must sign up on the QR codes posted outside the lunch room and the boys and girls locker room. The boys and girls team are in need of runners, so sign up today and get out there and start running. Thanks for your participation, Coach Powell.


    Attention all students on non-credit. Sign-up sheets are now available in guidance. Please meet with your counselor first to find out how many sessions you need to attend. Any questions, please see your counselor. 

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!