Smart Jag Awards Award


    This program is designed to help our staff recognize students for their achievements in the classroom. We have developed a specific theme for every month. Each staff member is asked to choose one student per block.




    Towards the end of the month you will receive a nomination form in your email. Take note of the month’s theme, fill out the form with your chosen students and return the form to the Smart Jag Chairperson by the date noted on the form. PRIDE pens and certificates will be placed in your mailbox. Please display these certificates somewhere in your classroom. Listed below are suggested themes if you wish to emphasis a different theme, please feel free to do so.

    2018 -2019 Themes:


    September – Respect

    October – Courage

    November – Citizenship  

    December – Caring

    January – Diligence

    February – Integrity

    March – Loyalty

    April – Fairness

    May – Trustworthiness