• Competition Descriptions
    Use the following link to find the competitions according to your career major.
    1. Once you open the document, scroll down to pages 7 and 8.   
    2. Here, you will find competitions grouped by career major.
    3. Within each competition description, you will find the rules, requirements, and materials for said competition
    1.Look over the various competitions.
    2. Speak with your Career Major teacher to decide which competition is best for you.
    3. Tell one of the Skills advisers the competition in which you would like to compete.
    4. Start practicing and preparing!!! 
    CTE Instructors:
    1. Look over the various competitions and decide which competitions will be a good fit for your students.
    2. Encourage your students to join Skills.
    3. View the Practice Competition Tasks to begin practicing and preparing your students for competition!