Our work in Career and Technical Education (CTE) matters. CTE prepares students for in-demand careers and/or higher education. Students who participate in CTE experience higher graduations rates. CTE promotes lifelong learning and increases earning potential and life prospects for individuals and families. It is our Mission to prepare adolescent and adult students to enter the workforce and/or continue their education. We take this Mission seriously.


    To that end, BCIT engages in a strategic annual process of establishing, initiating, implementing, executing, monitoring and evaluating goals and initiatives. During the 2016-2017 school year, the administration engaged in a process of looking at data to inform decisions made about teaching and learning. In addition to a focus on data, there is a concentration on the value of lesson planning and assessment of the content to be measured.


    Among many key initiatives this year, we are proud of the formation of a District Curriculum Council to coordinate, review, assure alignment, relevancy, and rigor of curriculum and instruction areas across buildings in the District.  A special focus is now placed on the Literacy for Life initiative to provide all students an opportunity to read and write with confidence across all subject areas. Furthermore, interventions are in place to increase the use of math in real-world contexts and particularly across all career majors. Last, in the sciences, the NextGEN standards are now integrated and implemented in all courses.


    Among many focused initiatives, we highlight a few that will have a profound impact on educational efforts for years to come. We have modernized the Cosmetology program at the Medford campus. In addition, we have expanded the footprint of the Welding program and added virtual and augmented reality technology to the Welding, Auto Collision Repair and Law and Public Safety programs. We also launched for the first time the College Head Start Program in partnership with RCBC in the area of Culinary Arts and Hospitality.  A three-year technology plan has been developed and shared with the stakeholders. Last, we have continued the process of upgrading our digital footprint be it on the website or through social media.  We are excited about the prospects and hope by the end of this year you will agree.


    After much reflection and evaluation of progress, we have established goals for 2017-18 in two broad areas:

    1.   Curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  

    2.   Literacy Development. 

    The following is a link to our 2017-18 District Goals.