FFA enhances the knowledge of the agricultural sciences in leadership, business, and technology. Through competitions, supervised agricultural experiences, and conferences, our students grow into leaders aiding the community.
    FFA Advisor: Ms. Ellen Inman, einman@burlcoschools.org

    Fee: Affiliation fee takes care of the cost, there is no cost to the members to join.  There is a cost of participating in the events.
    Membership: Everyone in the Vet Tech shop that is a permanent student is a member of VET FFA.

    Requirements: Members compete in career development events, leadership camps, and skills tests within the career major.

    Events: Members go to leadership conferences and competitions throughout the year. Members also participate in programs of activities that benefit the community.

    Meetings: Meetings are held during the CTSO activity periods in Vet Tech, room G711.

    Accolades: During leadership conferences, students evolve into outstanding leaders.