A group of academic and career major students, nominated by the staff, that will be given the opportunity to showcase their creative talents.
    Jackie McGuinness jmcguinness@burlcoschools.org
    Joseph Rivera jrivera@burlcoschools.org


    Fee: There is not a fee associated with VO-TAG

    Membership: Nominations by teachers/shop teachers.

    Requirements: Teachers submit a Vo-Tag referral package which includes an Artistic Talent, Leadership, Creative Writing, Craftsmanship and Academic Referrals for specific students.  Once nominated and chosen each member discusses and formulates a yearly individual contract with the advisors.

    Events: Student presentations, Senior Citizen Prom

    Meetings:  Periodically, at the discretion of VoTag Advisors during club activity periods.

    Accolades: Culmination of activities to be presented at the end of the year. An event where students present their ideas.