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  • PRIDE encourages positive behaviors to support positive academics. Join us in supporting this cause by sending in this donation page or by using the Paypal button to donate.

    Student of the Month

    PRIDE stands for Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort, and the program rewards students for solid attendance, good deeds, clean disciplinary records and academic effort. Students who have PRIDE cards have earned admission to special programming, discounted rates for school activities, participation in occasional dress-down days, and entrance in weekly drawings for rewards like school-branded merchandise and gift cards to local businesses.  

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    Principals tell us how well students respond to these incentives, and statistics prove they’re right. Since PRIDE started at the Westampton campus almost 10 years ago, there have been fewer discipline cases, detentions, suspensions, and attendance problems. Administrators at the Medford campus are re-energizing the PRIDE program there to copy those great results.

    School budgets face a lot of demands, and programs like PRIDE sometimes fall down the priority list. Water bottles and earbuds with the school logo, gift cards for a coffee or sandwich, and end-of-year picnics are competing with textbooks, computers and other necessary classroom tools. But we know PRIDE helps students learn, so BCIT Foundation is committed to finding ways to keep the program going. Principals tell us that’s one of the best ways we can support BCIT.

    PRIDE matters

    About half of BCIT students have been direct recipients of PRIDE rewards, whether they won a weekly gift card drawing, attended a special event or took home a Student of the Month award. And all students benefit daily by being part of a school environment that values personal achievement, respect for others and appreciation of community.

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    When you give to the BCIT Foundation, you'll directly impact the PRIDE program that has proven results. Send your contribution with this donation page or process a credit card transaction over the phone by contacting Foundation Director Kathleen Wojdyla at (609) 267-4226, ext. 8335. You can also use Paypal to make a donation now.

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