• Family and Consumer Science Education motivates individuals and families throughout their life to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse society. Some of the challenges they may face include balancing personal, home, family and work lives; promoting optimal nutrition and wellness; and managing resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families. Family and consumer sciences can give individuals the practical knowledge to address problems in the diverse family, career, and community environments. 
    Our department consists of:
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Fashion Design and Merchandising
    • Culinary Arts & Hospitality.
    Our FCCLA Advisor over the department is:
    • Ms. Genevieve Cross, Teacher of Early Childhood Education
    Some careers accessed in family and consumer sciences include:
    • Fashion Designer
    • Child Care Assistant/Worker
    • Child Care Director
    • Social Worker
    • Social and Human Services Assistant
    • Family Therapist
    • Family Financial Consultant
    • Chef
    • Dietician/ Nutrionist
    • Food Stylist
    • Resturant Manager
    • Elementary School Teacher
    • Interior Designer
    STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) are competitive events in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and occupational preparation. FCCLA provides oppurtunities for you to participate at local, state, and and national levels. 
    We integrate FCCLA into the classroom by doing some of the projects in class for a class project or learning more about FCCLA in the classroom.