• CVA Training Program

    CVA Training Program

    The CVA program is designed to teach students the basic skills and competencies required for animal care and veterinary assistance. This program educates and evaluates the essential skills and knowledge needed to become an effective contributor to the veterinary industry.

    · This certification is only available to the veterinary industry, schools, and students.

    · The program combines the use of online curriculum, hands-on skills validations, work experience in a veterinary hospital and a final examination that culminates to a certification that is highly esteemed in the veterinary industry.

    · The CVA certification is a solid foundation for students who wish to advance to CVT, RVT, or other careers in veterinary medicine.

    How does it work?

    · The CVA program contains training modules related to large and small animal veterinary medicine topics such as reception, kennel assistant, veterinary technician, and client education.

    · Training modules will be spread out from freshman to senior year.

    · Students watch videos and read material related to each training module. Once completed, the student will take an exam. Passing grades are 80% or higher; tests may be taken more than once. Multiple test grades are averaged; only the first test grade will be used in Genesis.

    · Every task the student completes is time stamped in the program. Test scores (first try) will also be used as a grade in Genesis.

    · Training module due dates will be posted on the Veterinary Technology class calendar.

    Program Requirements (due by graduation)

    · Complete the following training modules:

    o Veterinary Technician

    o Large Animal

    o Management Training

    o Practice Tips

    o Veterinary Assistant

    o Client Education

    o Kennel Assistant

    o Receptionist Training

    · Pass the cumulative Certified Veterinary Assistant exam.

    · Accumulate 500 clinical hours.

    o 200 hours from class instruction

    o 300 hours from work/intern

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