•                                            Cleaning/Detailing:


    ·      Check fresh paint for imperfections (runs, dirt)

    ·      Sand imperfections with 2000 grit sandpaper

    ·      Compound (go over sanded area 3 times with compound and buffer)

    ·      Polish

    ·      Wax

    ·      Blow out and vacuum interior

    ·      Wipe down all interior with interior cleaner

    ·      Steel wool windows

    ·      Soak wheels and tires down with all purpose cleaner

    ·      Scrub wheels tires fender skirts and bottom of doors, fenders, bumpers with brush

    ·      Wash vehicle with soap and water, except for area that was polishes (just use water)

    ·      Dry vehicle with shammy

    ·      Apply tire dressing

    ·      Wax the panels that were painted

    ·      Check for overspray on adjacent panels to repair

    ·      If overspray exist, use spot and clay bar

    ·       Clean interior and exterior glass