• Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Campuses

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 1/18/2019 12:50:00 PM

    On Monday, there will be no school to honor the pioneering work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is remembered 50 years later after his death. Students on all campuses have engaged in writing exercises, videos, speeches, and artwork to commemorate the life of Dr. King.  In an era without the assistance of social media, Dr. King influenced the nation before his life was prematurely taken.  One of his defining moments was when he led a march and protest in Washington, D.C. in 1963 among other protests to promote nonviolent awareness regarding racial inequality. He is best known among many speeches for his "I have a Dream Speech" which addressed injustice and served as a challenge to respect one another and treat all equally.  The following year in 1964, Dr. King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against racial inequality.  This past October, former Nelson Mandela bodyguard Chris Lubbe  visited our campuses, speaking about injustices endured while living in South Africa and referred to Dr. King's civil rights movement as a defining moment in United States history, as his message that "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" defines the importance of ending racial inequality.  

    Dr. Martin Luther King

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  • 2018-2019 Teacher, Educational Services and Teacher Assistants of the Year Honored Today (TOY)

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 1/7/2019 3:40:00 PM

    Today with the assistance of several BCIT administrators from both campuses, namely, Mr. Venuto and Ms. Valerie Lee from the Westampton campus and Mr. Parker from Medford joined Dr. Todd Bonsall, Assistant Superintendent and Dr. Nagy, Superintendent in visits to classrooms or offices throughout the morning to recognize a cadre of staff who were selected by their peers as outstanding examples of excellence in their respective roles. All honorees will be honored at a County ceremony in late Spring.  This is a proud moment for the District, the students, and the award recipients.  Congratulations to all award winners. There is no greater honor than to be chosen among peers for this honor. May you continue to inspire staff and students to be and do their respective very best. Thank you for your dedication.

    Here is the listing of all of the 2018-19 BCIT TOY Award Recipients:

    BCIT Westampton Campus:

    Teacher of the Year - Lia Hannon - English 

    Education Services Professional - Jennifer Daily - Guidance Counselor                

    Teacher Assistant of the Year - Victoria Evangel-Rindosh

    BCIT Medford Campus:

    Teacher of the Year - Heather Murro - English

    Education Services Professional - Beverly Forline - Guidance Counselor

    Teacher Assistant of the Year - Raymond O'Hare - Welding Technology



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    toy4  toy5

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  • Board of Education Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 12/13/2018 8:10:00 PM

    At the Board of Education meeting on December 13, 2018, Dr. Nagy recognized Board of Education President Robert Silcox for a recent honor for his dedication  and volunteerism for more than 25 years on the Foundation Board of Virtua Hospital as Chairman.  In addition to a plaque, Virtua Hospital dedicated and named a room in the Silcox's honor:  The Robert and Marsha Silcox Radiation Therapy Conference Room.  Congratulations! Well deserved. 

    Following are some of the highlights from the Superintendent's Agenda

    This is the last call for candidates for our new Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement.  The nomination form can be found on the website and is easy to fill out.  We will close the nomination process in January 2019.  This is a great opportunity to recognize those who made significant contributions to the district and who are role models to our current students.  

    We had a very successful CTE Advisory Dinner last week at which we had over 60 alumni present among 225 overall attendees.  We are very fortunate to have over 600 local businesses who support our CTE programs as advisors.  Participants had tours of the BCIT West campus and had a chance to enjoy a meal prepared by our culinary staff and students. Thank you Cynthia to you and your colleagues.

    This week, I had the opportunity to provide an overview to the Burlington County Workforce Development Board of what we are doing at BCIT and BCS to promote workforce development. It was a true moment of pride in all of our accomplishments and innovations, with more to come. 

    We are updating our 3 year technology plan and are looking to migrate to a 1:1 Chromebook environment starting this next school year.  We are looking to make sure that students are able to be connected to their educational environment any place, anywhere and at any time. This represents an exciting opportunity for students and staff and the district to position students to truly be digital citizens.

    We are working on setting a date for an open house for our Culinary Program. The technology is being installed and should be completed this week.  The new facility is amazing.

    We are seeking to expand our program offerings at BCIT to potentially include next year an Emergency Management Training Program, a Global Transportation Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program and Power Sports Program.  Details are being discussed and proposals finalized.

    We want to thank all of our students who are adhering to our new revisions to our 2018-2019 attendance policy.  Good work.

    Over the past month, we have provided 17 CTE program approvals within the deadlines to the Department of Education. That represents a number of upgrades and revisions to our programs to meet emergent industry trends.

    We are proud to announce that we have received over 500 completed student applications, with more than 150 waiting for review. Word is out about our programs and innovations.  We are light years ahead of last year which is invigorating.

    Our Medford winter play entitled Nooses Off will run this weekend, with one show tomorrow night at 7 and one on Saturday at 2pm.

    It’s that time of the year when Dr. Bonsall and I have been hosting budget meetings with all of the administrators who have oversight of area of the budget in both districts.  These have proven to be very informative strategy meetings to plan for the future, which is very exciting.

    On behalf of the administration, I wish all of our staff, students, parents, community members and BCIT and BCS supporters, a Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year. 

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  • Parent and Student Reminder - Review Attendance Policy

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 12/10/2018 4:00:00 PM
    This is a brief reminder as we come to the half way point of the year that we have an updated attendance policy that went into effect for this school year.  Please see below.  Questions may be directed to the building administrators.
    Policy 5200 Attendance (M) BCIT
    Every student is expected to be in school every day, all day. Should the student be absent in excess of  six unexcused days per semester, then he/she will be placed on non-credit status. Students who exceed a total of nine or more days with excused or unexcused absences from school for the semester will not be eligible for noncredit remediation, and may be referred to the Superintendent for consideration for referral to the Board of Education for action.  The Board of Education reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary in accordance with the law, which includes administratively dropping from the school rolls students with ten days of consecutive unexcused absences. The notification of a student reaching non-credit status, along with the information referencing the appeal process and remediation procedures will be sent to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and adult student by certified mail.  
    Parents and students have been notified in the following manner:
    1. Parent/Student Handbook
    2. Class meetings at the beginning of the year
    3. New student orientation
    4. Principal Newsletters
    5. Parents had to sign off on policy prior to gaining access to Genesis
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  • BCIT Fall Program Advisory Dinner Honors Business Partner of the Year

    Posted by Michele Hill on 12/7/2018

    Each Fall and Spring BCIT holds its advisory dinner prepared by the Culinary staff and students for more than 600 business partners and advisors to our 30+ CTE programs.  Last night, at the the Westampton Campus among 225 attendees 60 of whom were former students or who indicated they have a family member who was a BCIT graduate, Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy and Assistant Superintendent Todd Bonsall among BCIT Board of Education members honored Quality Concepts, Inc. and its Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Tom Wagner as the BCIT 2018 Business Partner of the Year. Tom Wagner joined Quality Concepts, Inc. in 1989. He became a partner in 2006. For nearly 30 years, Tom has been an integral part of upgrading and growing the business to be a leading promotional products & print company in the area. In addition to performing as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tom is responsible for managing the everyday operations of the business. After graduation from Bucknell University in 1987, he settled in the Greater Philadelphia area and currently resides in Moorestown with his two sons. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

    Quality Concepts was selected as the 2018 BCIT Business Partner of the Year because they have been instrumental in helping expand BCIT’s brand throughout the county with a variety of promotional items and assistance with the strategic marketing of BCIT such that BCIT is no longer the best kept secret in Burlington County. As a result, BCIT has increased its enrollment by over 80 students this year from the previous year and we have received almost 500 applications for next year -- a record. We anticipate that we will experience another banner year of increased enrollment. 

    In his remarks regarding the State of the State of CTE at BCIT, Dr. Nagy noted how great a year BCIT has had. BCIT and the Board were recognized by the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce with the Economic Development Award and South Jersey Magazine as the Best of Biz for Technical Education. BCIT has been recognized in the local papers and social media on the innovations to support efforts to deliver a Career and Technical Education where students are able to earn industry credentials, up to two years of college credits for some and with little or no debt and a job that awaits the graduates who do not pursue post secondary educational opportunities.  BCIT has indeed expanded its footprint in the County and beyond and is seeing record registrations for next year.  This year’s acceptance class is one of the biggest classes in a number of years.

    Dr. Nagy also noted that for the first time this past year, the BCIT Westampton Campus hosted the National Apprenticeship and Career Day Expo and BCIT Medford hosted for the first time the SkillsUSA welding competitions.  Within the past year, BCIT has partnered with a Department of Defense contractor to assist out CTE program to apply personalized applications of virtual and augmented reality to the classroom experience.  Our Adult Education program was just accredited by the Middle States Accreditation Organization which will now position the BCIT Adult Division next Fall to offer financial aid for our adults who wish to take advantage of our post-secondary CTE programs and apprenticeships. These are just a few of the great milestones reached just this year alone.

    Dr. Nagy in his closing remarks referred to the establishment this year of an Inaugural Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement at BCIT and encouraged participants at the Advisory Dinner to consider recommending an alumnus/alumna or an individual who may have made significant contributions to BCIT over the years or may have even played another role based on the criteria. Dr. Nagy noted that this is our time to recognize alumni, major benefactors or instructors who have made a significant contribution to BCIT over the years. The inaugural class will be inducted in the Spring 2019.  Those who wish to recommend a candidate for the Hall of Fame may visit the BCIT website link and hit submit after filling in the information.  Following the main program, guests and instructors took tours of the campus and met in each of the CTE programs and conducted their Fall advisory meeting.

    Tom Wagner culinary students dignitaries table



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  • A Review of BCIT Programs to Promote Respect and Tolerance

    Posted by Michele Hill on 11/26/2018
    A question came up at a recent BoE meeting regarding what BCIT does to provide students with training and programming to support an environment of respect and tolerance.  The BCIT District hosted Nelson Mandela's former bodyguard and Apartheid Survivor Chris Lubbe on both campuses during the Week of Respect last year and again in October this year, where he spoke passionately about the role of respect, tolerance, forgiveness, unity and peace. 
    Please see below the listings of clubs and special programs offered throughout the year on respective campuses which address the topics above on an ongoing basis by virtue of the club and the invited speaker or building level program.

    Medford Campus:


    • Respect Week- taking a pledge to stop bullying. Different activities each day to prevent bullying in the school
    • Violence Awareness week- Student signing a banner to end violence
    • JC Prohl (Teen Truth)- Assembly for students to accept people for who they are, not judging, and being kind to one another
    • Building Men and Women of Tomorrow- two leadership groups that help train students to be a positive role model in and out of the hallways
    • Volunteer- Building Men and Women of Tomorrow volunteer at the South Jersey Food Band. Trenton Soup Kitchen and Philabundance, Teach students to give back to society and help the less fortunate
    • Food and Clothing Drive- students help collect donations for the less fortunate
    • Student Against Bullying Club- students meet to continue to keep a positive climate at Med Tech
    • GSA Group- making BCIT  a welcoming place no matter their sexuality
    • Freshman Orientation- Optimal Performance Associates run a program where freshman work as a group to get to know one another
    • Train the Trainer- OPA also trains students to assist with freshman field day. Student leaders spend a day with OPA to assist with activities
    • Red Ribbon Week- Different activities throughout the week to educate the students on the effect of drugs and alcohol.
    • Pre-Prom Assembly- Assembly for students attending prom on the  dangers of drinking and driving and decision making
    • The following are some ways that NHS students have demonstrated tolerance, acceptance and respect among students:


         Gift box for needy family

          Cookie trays for custodians

          Planned Activity Fair for freshmen

          Provide tours for possible students

          Provide tutoring for peers

          Mentor other students

    Westampton Campus:


    • PRIDE Program - weekly, monthly, quarterly drawings and achievement recognition

    • First Day Class Assemblies

    • Freshman Orientation Field Day

    • ‘Teen Truth’ anti-bullying student assembly

    • Adventure Education & Health I curricula

    • Week of Respect - classroom activities and assemblies

    • Red Ribbon Week - classroom activities

    • Violence Awareness Week - building and classroom activities

    • Staff Social-Emotional Learning Initiative - PD Workshop

    • Volunteer service field trips - Soup Kitchen, Food Bank, Cathedral Kitchen,  Habitat for Humanity

    • GSA Glow Club

    • Human Relations Club

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  • Recent Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Update

    Posted by Michele Hill on 11/21/2018


    1. Please note that the December 13, 2018 BoE meeting will be at 4pm followed by the BCS holiday fair and holiday concert.  This is a truly special night.
    2. On behalf of the administration and Board of Education, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and remember in a special way those whom we lost since last year and those in our families who will be out of town or who are serving in our armed services. Be safe
    3. We had the biggest crowds in years at both of our Discovery Nights.  Students had tours, spoke with teachers and staff and received a t-shirt to capture the great night.
    4.   We congratulate all of our BCIT Students who were honored this month as new inductees to the National Honor Society.  We know that this is a huge milestone.
    5. I am happy to report that our new culinary facility is up and running and students are cooking.  There will be a number of students staying after school today to take advantage of the culinary enrichment sessions offered each week.
    6.  Last week, our National Apprenticeship Career Expo at BCIT West was a real hit and well attended. We even had two middle schools send students to the Expo. We received a lot of social media coverage. See Dr. Nagy’s blog for more information and pictures.
    7.  I am really happy to report that we have over 370 students registered for next year and another 147 students in process. This is a record compared to previous years. We are now looking at programming and seeking to add a new program or two to accommodate all of the students that will be coming to us.  As programs are developed, more information will be provided.
    8. The Fall Program Advisory Dinner is on December 6 from 5:30-8pm at BCIT West
    9.  We are looking to enter into a partnership with Holeman Enterprises with our auto programs. The CEO toured the campuses on Friday. This will provide exciting opportunities for our students
    10. We are taking recommendations for candidates for the Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement at BCIT. Please visit our website if you know of an individual who meets the criteria
    11. Efforts to upgrade our curriculum and instructor for the School to Work program is paying off. Out student numbers are climbing. This is an important option for our students and employers.
    12. Over the next few months, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Ms. Hartman and her team will be offering Google Suite application training for parents. This is a great way to turnkey what students and staff are utilizing in the classroom. 


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  • BCIT Trades in the News

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 11/20/2018 2:55:00 PM

    In the latest  Fall 2018 edition of Trades and Union Magazine, Dr. Nagy has highlighted the value of the BCIT program and its innovation, customization and the stackable industry credentials students are able to earn while in high school.

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  • West Inducts 27 Students to NHS

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 11/15/2018 8:45:00 AM

    Last night during a very moving ceremony there were 27 high school students who recited their National Honor Society pledge before their parents, relatives, friends and staff who most influenced their lives.  The ceremony focused around the four pillars of the National Honor Society Chapter:  scholarship, service, leadership and character. Congratulations to our inductees. You make us very proud.


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  • West Hosts 2nd Annual Apprenticeship Career Expo

    Posted by Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent on 11/14/2018 8:00:00 PM
    As part of the celebration of National Apprenticeship Week this week, and keeping in the tradition begun last year to alternate campuses each year for this newly established Expo, the West campus hosted the event yesterday morning.  Some of the best from the unions in the area and across the State came to campus to engage BCIT students in an exploration of trades from bricklaying to virtually working cranes or heavy equipment among other displays and interactive stations. The following unions were represented:
    • Hutchinson HVAC
    • Union Local 825 Training Center-Operating Engineers
    • Aerotek
    • Local 9 Plumbers and Pipefitters
    • Construction Craft Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund of NJ and Del.
    • Johnnie Whittington-Sheetmetal
    • BAC/ADC of New Jersey Bricklayers
    • Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton-Princeton
    • Rowan College Burlington County Workforce Development Institute
    • New Jersey Carpentry Training Center
    There were also a few of our middle schools present to gain the experience of getting up close and personal with many trades. We are grateful to our union shops and business partners who agreed to share their talents with the BCIT community.  Thank you for a great morning.

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