• BCIT Welcomes New Students and Launches 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

    Posted by Michele Hill on 8/20/2019
    BCIT administrators greeted new students and welcomed parents to the BCIT family yesterday at the Westampton Campus and today at the Medford Campus.  In addition to the the new students being provided tours, lockers, pictures for IDs and computer logins, parents of 9th and 10th graders had the opportunity to pick up their child's new district issued Chromebook for use while a BCIT student.  BCIT engaged in a partnership with Google as one of the first CTE Districts to adopt a 1:1 Chromebook initiative to provide students the opportunity to extend learning anywhere and anytime. The Chromebooks are value-added tools as are the integration of artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality platforms we have been adding to our CTE programs to make the learning experience reality-based and interactive. These are the largest 9th grade classes BCIT has seen in a number of years and is a reflection of the steps BCIT has taken to embrace the future while positioning students to learn, lead and excel in a CTE global environment.
    New student Orientation 1:1 initiative
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  • BCIT Commencements Honor Graduates and Create Lasting Memories

    Posted by Michele Hill on 6/21/2019

    Amidst the backdrop of some of the most severe rains in years, weather played a factor which necessitated the postponement of Medford's Commencement to one day later. Weather did not impact the West Commencement  which took place on June 20th. In the end, the speeches, music and record participation of parents, families and friends surpassed the weather and created a special moment in time that will never be forgotten. Please see the videos that captured the special day including a father who surprised his daughter with a diploma only minutes later to be deployed to Saudi Arabia on a military mission. At Medford, a student speech was delivered in English and Spanish and another in Sign Language to capture the rich diversity of students in the class.  West had speakers that highlighted their own special family circumstances which tugged at the hearts of all in the audience.  Congratulations to our graduates on this special milestone. Please see the videos of both commencements prepared by Ms. Michele Hill.

    West Commencement Video    June 20, 2019


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  • Highlights from Board of Education Superintendent Report

    Posted by Michele Hill on 6/20/2019

    At the Board of Education meeting held on June 19th, the following is a summary of Dr. Nagy's report.


    BCIT and BCS:

    Over the course of the past two weeks including two commencements this morning, two tomorrow and the adult education commencement next Tuesday, we will have celebrated 12 ceremonies.  To that end and on behalf of the Board of Education, I want to congratulate all of the students who participated and to all of the staff for their work to position students for these various milestones. Students speeches were amazing and so inspirational.  I also want to acknowledge that this was the first time that BCS West hosted their high school graduation at BCIT West this morning. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, it was very well received by the parents.  A special thanks goes out to Mr. Venuto and his staff and to security and bus transportation to allow BCS students and families to enjoy the commencement at BCIT. 

     I would also like to acknowledge all of those students who were honored for academic performance, scholarships, athleticism including special Olympics and other special recognitions.  All of these students have worked hard for these recognitions and make all of us very proud.

    Over the past few months and again on the agenda tonight, we have a number of retirements.  On behalf of the Board, I want to thank each and every one of our retiree’s good health and happiness and gratitude for the dedicated service to our districts and students.

    I also want to wish Dr. Bonsall the best in his new endeavors since this is his last meeting with us and tomorrow is his last day.  Best of luck Dr. Bonsall.  Dr. English has spent the last few weeks with Dr. Bonsall in the transition process.


    Commencements Remaining:


    BCIT West at 5PM tomorrow

    BCIT Med at 7:30PM tomorrow

    BCIT Adult Ed next Tuesday at 6pm


    Next Wednesday night, a few of our BCIT students from West and Medford will be recognized by the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders with scholarships. This is a great honor.


    At the beginning of the month, a few of us had the opportunity to travel to Google NYC headquarters at their invitation to participate in a Thought Partnership and Design Thinking interactive exercise to prepare us for our 1:1 Chromebook implementation this September.  Letters will be going out next week to our incoming 9th graders and 10th graders and parents about days in August that will be designated as pick up days. There will also be a packet of information that students and parents will expected to read prior to pick up that will need an e-signature.  More information will follow in communications to homes.  Some of us will be returning to NYC next month to review our 1:1 implementation plan with the computer engineers to identify supports that Google can provide us to assure a successful launch.


    This past week, Fox News Philadelphia was on the campus of BCIT Medford to cover a story of a few of our welding students who assembled a security harness for classroom doors for the Southampton School District. The segment was on the 5pm news last Friday.


    BCIT Summer Camps begin on July 8th.



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  • Fox News Picks Up Welding Partnership at BCIT for Safety and Security Project

    Posted by Michele Hill on 6/17/2019

    Fox News visited the Medford Campus the segment of which was aired on June 14th. Welding students from BCIT Medford participated in a project that involved the creation of door harnesses for the Southampton School District to preclude intruders from entering classrooms.  The project was initiated by a call from the Superintendent of the Southampton School District to BCIT Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy.  Southampton provided the materials and the BCIT Welding students did the rest creating 120 harnesses in the first partnership of this kind which highlighted the cooperation between districts, a hands on project for students and a great way to promote experiential learning where students are able to help other students. See the video.  

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  • BCIT Meets with Google to Prepare for Chromebook 1:1 Launch in September

    Posted by Michele Hill on 6/13/2019
    BCIT will be reaching out to the parents by the middle of July to provide key information about the pick up and sign off of documents to accept a district owned Chromebook that will be provided to each and every incoming 9th grade student and all 10th graders and will be able to be taken home to allow for students to extend their learning outside of the classroom.  Current Chromebooks on classroom carts will be repurposed for use in school for Juniors and Seniors. Next year's ninth grade class would then be provided their own Chromebooks and the following year the same.  Within three years all students will have their own Chromebook device.
    To get ready for the implementation of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative (1 Chromebook to each student), Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy and a few of the administrative team and key staff went with him to an all day Thought Leadership and Design session at Google NYC on June 4, 2019.  Another meeting in NYC will take place the middle of July to review with Google the 1:1 Chromebook Implementation Plan and associated needed hardware, software and applications where upon Google will provide support.
    This represents a very exciting time for the students and the district.  More information will be provided via letter and website within the next few weeks.
    Googler Visit Google 2
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  • Journey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Awarded

    Posted by Michele Hill on 6/4/2019
    For the first time at BCIT,  two students celebrated BCIT’s first Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Bridge Program) Graduation this week.  ASL 101 (American Sign Language) classes at BCIT Medford surprised the graduates with speeches, portraits and a song in sign language “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”! Congratulations class of 2019 Bridge Graduates.  Principal Mr. Parker noted that both students have been fully embraced by the Medford campus and are true members of our BCIT Graduating Class.   
    ALS 1    ALS2  
    ALS 3  
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  • BOE Meeting Highlights

    Posted by Michele Hill on 5/30/2019

    At the Board of Education meeting, there were two presentations. The first was a special presentation made by Board of Chosen Freeholder Director Tom Pullion and Freeholder Dan O’Connell who represented the Board of Chosen Freeholders and who made the presentation of a check to Board President Robert Silcox on behalf of the County for a School Safety Program Grant not to exceed $681,000 to go toward summited projects across both districts to be paid upon completion of projects. The second presentation were certificates presented by the Board of Education to students in Career and Technical Student Organizations for achievement in local, state and national competitions, namely FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America), HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America-Future Health Professionals), Skills USA and FFA. Freeholder Dan O’Connell presented the certificates.  It was a proud moment for all present.  Congratulations to our honorees. 

    Dr. Nagy thanked all of the BCIT and BCS administrators and staff who were so accommodating to welcome our students and move our students to various places on our campus grounds on Tuesday when we were without power on the BCS West Campus due a faulty transformer. I also want to thank the Fire School, cafeteria services, security and any other personnel who make the day a possibility so as not to cancel the day – it is very hard to open the school only to close early without advanced warning for parents of our exceptional students.  Notifications went out to parents to keep them apprised. Students were dismissed at the normal time.  The power was eventually restored in the evening and students were back in class the following day after a delayed opening to allow time to test all systems. 

    Dr. Nagy wished all mothers a Happy Belated Mother’s Day and to all Father’s a Happy Father’s Day both days of which fall between Board meetings. He also recognized those who lost their lives serving for our county of which we remembered on Memorial Day.

    There were a number of retirements on the agenda.  Dr. Nagy on behalf of the Board congratulated all those who will be retiring at the end of the school year and wished them good health and happiness or quality time with the family.

    The Board of Education approved the Board and District Goals for the 2019-2020 school year. The Board also engaged in the annual Board Self-Evaluation process which is a requirement of School Boards.

    Dr. Nagy noted that coverage from the Burlington County Times for both BCIT and BCS Districts will be forthcoming in the next weeks to highlight student accomplishments, namely, the welding project to assist Southampton School District, Special Services Olympic sneaker fitting, Sophia Rivera, Junior representing BCIT for SkillsUSA for Leadership Competition in Kentucky in June and a potential Vo-Tag presentation captured online.

    Dr. Nagy recognized two individuals in the audience, namely, Dr. Lisa English who will be starting on Monday as Assistant Superintendent and replacement for Dr. Bonsall. The two will work together until his departure the end of June.  Dr. Nagy also recognized that the Board approved a new job description for an Assistant Superintendent for Equality and Diversity that will service both districts.  Dr. Nagy introduced Dr. Ashanti Holley who the Board will approve tonight pending contract review and approval by the County Superintendent. Dr. Holley will be starting with us the beginning of August.  Dr. Ashanti is coming to us from Perth Amboy High School where she is serving as the 9th Grade Principal.  The Superintendent has noted that this is a big loss to him.  Dr. Holley is known for being a person of detail especially compliance, task oriented, has a good work ethic, student focused, a person of high integrity, is a good person and has a sense of humor.  Great qualities to have as we look to expand our footprint across our organizations to promote equity, equality and diversity.

    I am really pleased at the robust effort of many staff and administrators to come together to complete a three-year Comprehensive Equity Plan for both Districts for 2019-2022 as well as a three-year Technology Plan for 2019-2022. Of special note, we have incorporated our 9th and 10th Grade 1:1 Chromebook Technology roll out for September in the plan and we have been contacted by Google Education at NYC Headquarters to participate in a Thought Partnership Session next week and again for a review of our 1:1 Chromebook plan with Google administrators and engineers the following week in NYC.  We look forward to partnering with Google which provides an exciting opportunity for both districts.


    Adult Division Instructor and lead for the Dental Program Claire Heston and Assistant Principal Jesse Pappler joined Dr. Nagy and Dr. Bonsall and other invited guests and advisors for a two day visit on Wednesday and Thursday this week from the CODA Accreditation Agency for Dental Assisting program.  We did very well and have a year to address a few recommendations.  This is one of the hardest accreditation organizations.  This is a true point of Pride. We will hear officially in January 2020. The Board approved at the Board meeting a new summer Radiology program to allow high graduates from BCIT to complete their radiology part of Dental Occupations program which is only offered to high school graduates.  This is an exciting bridge between programs for our high schools and Adult Education.

    We met this week with our auto instructors, administrators and top executives and management from the Holman Automotive Group to establish a partnership to support a Student Technician Development Proposal that would support an initial 5 auto students to be selected to be Holmanized with technical education as part of the Student Work Study while being paid.  This represents a really awesome opportunity for students to enter into a great organization with potential to move up in the company.

    Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the Prom.  Both campuses had a table top exercise to indicate a crash and what could happen if under the influence and as a reminder and deterrent to be safe.  No issues.

    Congratulations to our BCIT West Students who conducted the Senior Senior Prom for local residents of assisted living centers who when in high school did not have a chance to participate in the Prom – it was very touching.



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  • A Note of Gratitude on Memorial Day

    Posted by Michele Hill on 5/27/2019

    As flags wave in the wind, many wear patriotic clothings of the USA stars and stripes, a message cannot be forgotten.  We enjoy our freedoms today in the USA because of the efforts of heroic men and women who fought on the front lines to secure those freedoms, many making the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.  We remember today in a special way those who planted the seeds of the trees of freedom under which they will never be able to enjoy the shade and fruits they now provide for others to enjoy.  Happy Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day

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  • BCIT West Honors Inaugural Inductees to National Technical Honor Society

    Posted by Michele Hill on 5/23/2019
    Last night, 19 students were inducted into the inaugural class of the National Technical Honor Society.  Part of a vision of the District administration in collaboration with BCIT building principals, the National Technical Honor Society was launched to capture the greatness of students who not only are high achievers in academic classes, but who hold a high GPA in their career programs.  The Honor Society promotes the principles of Skill, Responsibility, Scholarship, Honesty, Service, Leadership and Citizenship. The honorary inductee and keynote speaker was BCIT instructor Ron Johnston who is a grammy award winner, TV production and Entertainment Technology instructor and is owner of two hair salons.  His message was inspirational and engaging for all in the audience.  The program was designed by advisor and teacher Kimberlee Williams.  I was happy to be part of something really special last night.  This was the second inaugural event at BCIT this month, the other being the Inaugural Induction into the Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement of which there were two.  Dr. Nagy encouraged students to look to them as role models and to be the best they can be and to make us proud.  Who knows, one day any one of the inductees into the Honor Society could be honored for their lifetime achievement.

    Pillars of NTHS   NTHS group

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  • BCIT Staff Recognized at BC Educator of the Year Ceremony

    Posted by Michele Hill on 5/14/2019

    This morning at the campus of Pemberton High School, New Jersey, the 2019 Burlington County Educator of the Year Program took place to honor staff in each district in Burlington County. Part of the Governor's Educator of the Year Recognition Program, staff are recognized for educational innovation, student achievement, service to the community outside of the classroom, connections to students and inspiration provided to students during their careers.  The theme for the awards celebration was Simply Remarkable: A Celebration to Highlight Your Achievements.  Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy and principals Joseph Venuto and Michael Parker were present to celebrate the accomplishments and honor that the following staff brought to our District: 

    Medford Campus 
    Guidance Counselor - Beverly Forline
    Language Arts Teacher - Heather Murro
    Westampton Campus 
    Guidance Counselor - Jennifer Daily
    English Teacher - Lia Hannon
    The BCIT community congratulates our honorees of the deserving honor.  Colleagues have selected these individuals for their many contributions which is a professional high compliment, honor and privilege.  


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