• Workers' Compensation 


    (formerly QualCare)


    If injured on the job, notify nurse and supervisor, and report injury to Qual-Lynx. 

    If an employee fails to file an accident report within 24 hours, there is a chance that WC claim may be denied. 

    In case of emergency, go to the nearest hospital

    and follow-up with Qual-Lynx and Supervisor within 24 hours.

     Submit all bills to: Qual-Lynx, Inc., P.O. Box 309, Piscataway, NJ 08855-0309

    Include your claim number on all correspondence.


    (formerly NJSBAIG)

    6000 Midlantic Drive, Suite 300 North

    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

    Phone (609) 386-6060  Fax (609) 386-8877

    If you have questions regarding your scheduled appointments or receive any bills regarding your workers' comp treatment, please contact New Jersey School Insurance Group.

    Employee Accident Reporting Procedures

    1. Any employee who is injured while at work shall report the injury to his/her supervisor immediately. If the employee is unable to comply because of the nature of their injury, then a co-worker should do so as soon as possible after securing first-aid for the injured employee.

    2. Treatment for injuries is to be provided by the respective campus nurse when an injury occurs during the course of the working day. The campus nurse will evaluate the injury and make a medical determination on whether or not the employee needs further medical care. The nurse will complete an Accident Report on the employee accident.

    3.  If the nurse feels that medical follow-up may be necessary, the nurse and employee will notify Qual-Lynx of the incident by calling 1-800-425-3222. The Qual-Lynx nurse case manager will direct the employee to an appropriate provider.

    4. If Workers' Compensation physicians establish that any injuries need additional treatment, appointments will be schedule through Qual-Lynx. Employees are required to report to all Workers' Compensation appointments at the scheduled times. Follow-up appointments and physical therapy are to be scheduled for after work hours.   If a specialist appointment can only be scheduled during a work day, the employee must report to work before and after the appointment. In the event that the employee does not return to work, he/she will be charged for the time they have taken.

    5. Staff members cannot place themselves on workers' compensation disability. A determination will be made after the incident is reviewed by NJSIG and the Superintendent or his designee.

    6. The District will be provided with a report by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier and the State. The District Personnel Office, campus nurse and New Jersey School Insurance Group will be notified by the Workers' Compensation Carrier of the status of the employee’s health and ability to perform his/her duties. The District Personnel Office will receive a status report after each doctor appointment to track the employee’s progress and notify the Supervisor.  The District Personnel Office will maintain attendance records of all days charged to workers' compensation.

    7. It is unlikely for any employee to receive bills for their services; however, it is the employee’s responsibility to immediately submit any medical bills received for treatment in connection with a work-related injury to New Jersey School Insurance Group. The Personnel Office will maintain copies of all reports regarding the incident. All correspondence received pertaining to an employee’s injury will be forwarded to New Jersey School Insurance Group, 450 Veterans Drive, Burlington, New Jersey 08016.  Employees are asked to forward all bills to Qual-Lynx, Inc., P.O. Box 309, Piscataway, NJ 08855-0309.

    8. The employee must be cleared without restrictions to return to full duty status by Workers' Compensation physicians. Without this approval, employees will be placed on “modified duty with restrictions” until the district is notified otherwise. Employees placed on “modified duty” will be accommodated by the district whenever possible.  There are no light duty assignments during Extended School Year or for part-time employees. 

    9. The Board reserves the right to require satisfactory proof of the employee’s injury and its connection with the performance of the employee’s duties and may require that the employee submit to a physical examination by a physician appointed by the Board of the insurance carrier.