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Curriculum to be revised 2016-2017:
Career and Technical Education Programs:
  1. Advertising, Art and Design                 (Haney, Steich)
  2. Entertainment Technology                  (Paiano, Sprague)
  3. Printing/Graphic Communication    (Finn)
  4. Performing Arts Academy: Dance, Theatre, Instrumental/Vocal                                                                                                                (Gebhart, Cooney, Turowski, Nikolidakis)
  5. Law and Public Safety                            (Azzarone, Latigona)
  6. Fashion Design and Merchandising  (Lindsay)
  7. Marketing                                                     (Hodges)
  8. Welding Technology                                (Wright)
  9. Architecture & Design Technology     (Bouchard, Persichetti)
Academic Programs:
  1. Guidance Services
  2. Honors Science
  3. English Language Arts
  4. Mathematics