• New Teacher Mentorship Program:
    All new teachers are required to attend a monthly meeting with the District Director of Curriculum & Instruction; District STEM Specialist; and/or District Literacy Specialist.
    Westampton Schedule:
    Location:   Tech Lounge
    Time:      3:00 PM
    Tuesday, September xx, 2018
    Tuesday, October xx, 2018
    Tuesday, November xx, 2018
    Tuesday, December xx, 2018
    Tuesday, January xx, 2019
    Tuesday, February xx, 2019
    Tuesday, March xx, 2019
    Tuesday, April xx, 2019
    Tuesday, May xx, 2019
    Medford Schedule:
    Location: Tech Lounge
    Time: 3:00 PM
    Wednesday, September xx, 2018
    Wednesday, October xx, 2018
    Wednesday, November xx, 2018
    Wednesday, December xx, 2018
    Wednesday, January xx, 2019
    Wednesday, February xx, 2019
    Wednesday, March xx, 2019
    Wednesday, April xx, 2019
    Wednesday, May xx, 2019