• To support the superintendent to assure the ongoing changes in organizational structure, new administrative roles and transitions on all campuses.
    • To support the administration and staff to promote resources, activities and social supports for students and staff to promote a positive environment of wellbeing and mental health.
    • To support the ongoing professional development for all staff to integrate key technologies, pedagogy and processes learned during the pandemic and remote instruction to in-person delivery of instruction while supporting district efforts for Equity and Diversity and Career and Technical Education.
    • To support the ongoing implementation and evaluation of the three new Career and Technical Education programs: Cyber Security, Marine Mechanic Technology and Transportation, Logics and Distribution – Warehouse Management.
    • To support the use of ESSER Funds among other funding methods for the upgrade to infrastructure needs, training of staff and development of programs that address academic recovery, enrichment, acceleration, safety, mental health and social and emotional learning.