BCIT District Goals 2023-2024

    • By the end of the academic year, 60% of lessons will effectively incorporate the gradual release method into instructional practice to promote active learning and differentiated instruction to build student confidence and develop independent learners, as evidenced in walkthroughs and observations.
    • By the end of the academic year, 60% of lessons will implement strategies that foster students’ executive functioning skills as evidenced by increased student engagement and participation in classroom activities.
    • By the end of the school year, staff will consistently implement strategies that cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school environment, fostering students' sense of belonging and supportive staff-student relationships.  This will be demonstrated by a minimum 5% increase in positive responses to student climate surveys provided throughout the school year.
    • By August 2024, construction related hire of instructors, writing of related curriculum and associated materials and equipment will be in place to support for the 2024-2025 school year a new CTE program dedicated to Game and Interactive Media Design.
    • To prepare for and complete all necessary requirements for the NJQSAC process, where upon BCIT will be evaluated during the school year on the following: Instruction and Program, Fiscal Management, Governance, Operations and Personnel.