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  • Early Action vs. Early Decision - What's the difference & which option is right for me? 

    EA v ED

    Early Decision: BINDING. When a student is accepted/applies for early decision, they must attend that college. You can only select ONE college for early decision. This means if you have a school that you know no matter what you want to go to, you can apply early decision. If accepted, you are attending that school.

    • Apply early (usually in November) 
    • Received an admission decision from the college well in advance (usually by December)
    • Agree to attend the college if accepted and offered a financial aid package that is agreeable to
    • Apply to only ONE college 
    • Apply to other colleges under regular/rolling admissions or early action
    • Withdraw all other applications if accepted
    • Send a nonrefundable deposit well in advance of May 1st

    Early Action: NONBINDING. Students receive an early response to their applications but do not have to commit to college until the May 1st decision day. You can apply to as many colleges as you want with early action. 

    • Apply early
    • Receive an admission decision early (usually January/February)
    • Consider acceptance - do not have to commit
    • Apply to other colleges under regular/;rolling admissions 
    • Make your decision on or by May 1st

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