Spring Ahead Flyer
    Spring Ahead Event for Parents and Guardians!
    RCBC will be hosting two virtual events for parents/guardians with students who participated in the Spring Ahead program on our campus. At the event, they will be able to hear about what happened in the Spring Ahead, how to support their students during their time at RCBC, and participate in a Q&A segment. We recommend that they register for the event being held after their student came to campus. The dates are:
    - Monday, April 11th at 6 pm (Registration Link)
    - Monday, May 23rd at 6 pm (Registration Link
    Spring Open House
    Our Spring Open House will be this upcoming Saturday (April 9th) from 10-2! Students and families will be able to speak with the academic departments, take tours of campus, get an in-depth look at the Health Science options (from 12 pm-2 pm only), and sit in on the following sessions:
    - High School Concurrent Enrollment
    - How to Pay for College
    - The Student Experience
    Students can register for the event at rcbc.edu/openhouse.
    The school counseling staff is available to assist you during this stressful time.  Please email your counselor if you need to talk or need support. 

    School Counselor

    Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    Laura Reigelsperger


    609-267-4226 Ext. 2226

    Steve Fitzgerald, M.ED.

    School Counselor(A-Cu)

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8220


    Kelly Digney, Ed.S., M.A.

    School Counselor(McD – Ris)

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8221


    Jennifer Daily, Chairperson

    School Counselor(Wa - Z)

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8218


    Jason Frable, M.A.

    School Counselor(Has – McC)

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8391


    Beth Johnson

    School Counselor(Cru – Har)

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8322


    Mary Kate O’Neill

    School Counselor(Rit – T)

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8284


    Irene Rodriguez-Muldrow

    School Counseling Secretary

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8622


    April Williams

    School Counseling Secretary

    (609) 267-4226 Ext. 8222


    The following numbers are also available to you:


    Student Life Advisor Program