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Welcome ~ Let's Get Creative

  • Teacher:  Mrs. Sprague

    What I'm Excited About:  

    • My work experience and education bring me into the classroom, but most importantly I enjoy and believe in what I do.

    • Our students will be creative, professional, and productive—as they work side-by-side in our computer lab and TV studio.

    • Creating original content gives the students an opportunity to feel proud and confident as they explore many different career options.

    • Students should enjoy their career major, working together creates a family atmosphere where students support and encourage each other.

    What Is Our 4 Year Program About?:  

    • Entertainment technology is a project-based learning program that utilizes multi-media equipment to produce, record, and edit audio, video, and graphic design projects.

    • Hands-on activities will promote an interactive learning environment where professional knowledge, skills, and techniques are reinforced by each sequential year's curriculum.

    • Graduates acquire the skills needed to decide which careers in the Entertainment Technology field they feel most passionate about and want to pursue.

    •  This career major is their first step towards college and a future in a field that’s competitive and constantly changing.

    Upon completion of our program, students will be proficient in the following areas of discipline:

    Video, graphic, and photo editing software:

    • Adobe CC: Premiere Pro, After-Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom

    • NEW THIS YEAR: Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor 

    Digital audio editing software: 

    • Adobe Audition

    • NEW THIS YEAR: Logic Pro X, Mainstage

    Students will create graphics, logos, and basic animation using:

    • Photoshop, Illustrator, After-Effects

    Students will operate studio and field equipment including but not limited to:

    • DSLR Cameras, HDV cameras, Tripods, Dollies

    • Studio Lighting Equipment: Chroma-key using a portable and studio green screen, Lightboard, Arri light kits.

    • Boom and wireless microphones.

    • Tricaster switcher, and Live-streaming.