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    Fly Catching Frog
    Classes this Semester
    Biology- Sophomores
    Environmental Science- Freshmen
    Teaching Philosophy:
    I enjoy teaching and want to be able to encourage and enable students to develop an excitement about science.
    I am a lifelong learner and want to pass that on to my students.
    My Teaching Style:
    I run my courses with the understanding that science is all around us and affects our lives daily.  Students are encouraged to investigate things not only in class but outside of school as well.
    Class Info: 
    During class, students will have the opportunity to participate in many hands-on and lab activities as well as be involved in several projects throughout the semester.  We will also be looking into several field trip options during the class. 
    Students will be required to complete several Formal Lab reports during the course. Writing is not only an important part of their school career but also important to their understanding of science as a whole.
    Each class has a Google Classroom where assignments will be posted and handed in electronically.  The code for each classroom will be posted on the Class page here on my website.  Please make sure you join your online classroom as well.
    Special Considerations:    We are working to help the community.  We will be looking into opportunities to contribute to our community either through fundraising or activities that require student involvement and participation.