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  • Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 4/19/2024

    There were two presentations made at the Board of Education meeting last evening. Dr. Nagy provided congratulations to Dr. Holley who after 5 years working in both districts as Assistant Superintendent was named by the Board as my successor as Superintendent of the BCIT and BCSSSD districts. Dr. Nagy noted that the districts will be in good hands. He also mentioned how he looks forward to supporting Dr. Holley, the administrative team and our two districts in the transition.  Dr. Nagy acknowledged Dr. Holley’s family who was in attendance and then asked Dr. Holley to say a few words to those in attendance.

    The second presentation that followed was only fitting that we recognize our Special Olympians in the Special Services School District after Dr. Holley’s comments.  Though all award-winning athletes could not make it last night, we had around 17 who were recognized as well as their coaches for the following sports:  bowling, basketball, volleyball, swimming and track. Dr. Nagy thanked our coaches, organizer Bethann Guenther-Misunas and Assistant Principal Roseatta Darcy who have worked closely with our special Olympics Program. Ms. Darcy has been amazing, but she will be moving out of state at the end of this school year. We wish her well and thank her for all of her contributions. Ms. Darcy came forward to introduce our coaches and Special Olympians by sport. Our Board President Tyler Burrell provided a certificate of accomplishment to each of the athletes after which a picture was taken.

    Speaking about the Olympics, BCIT has been asked to host the FIFA World Cup Committee next Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 5:30-7:30pm on a program dedicated to Diversity & Anti-Discrimination in Sports and a discussion about the planning of the Olympics in the USA, Mexico and Canada in 2026. The tickets are free, but registration is requested. Please see our social media or the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce website for more information and to register.

    Dr. Nagy congratulated all of the retirees on the agenda. On behalf of the Board, he wished them all the best and thank you for your years of service to our students and districts.

    Dr. Nagy also noted how honored he was this past week to attend the Annual Burlington County Principals and Supervisors Association Academic Awards Ceremony honoring the top students in each district. He mentioned how there was great representation for BCSSSD and BCIT.  Congratulations to all of our honorees.

    Both districts hosted blood drives over the past month. Dr. Nagy mentioned how honored he was to donate and did not faint. He thanked the Red Cross and our school nurses for the opportunity to allow us to participate and provide staff and opportunity to pay it forward.

    Congratulations to Mr. Cooney and our Academy for Performing Arts students who received nominations for Montclair State University Theatre Night Awards Program. We had over 12 nominations for various categories.

    The Board approved the Westampton Campus roof replacement which will allow us to move forward on the expansion project for the West campus.  


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  • Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/22/2024

    There were two presentations made at the Board of Education meeting last evening. The first pertained to the Board’s desire to recognize key security personnel, nursing staff and administration who were among the first responders this past month whose actions saved the life of a staff member who lost consciousness and stopped breathing. They along with the cooperation of many other staff who did their job to retain students in classrooms allowed medical personnel to pick up where nurses and security personnel left off and were able to take the staff member to the hospital after being resuscitated. She is covering at home and looks forward to coming back to work. Dr. Nagy asked the audience and Board to please provide a warm round of applause of gratitude to those recognized in the audience for their heroic efforts:

    Security: Quincy Hendrix who administered CPR and his fellow colleagues who secured the area

    Administrators:   Principal Dennis Leigh

                                   Asst. Principal Mike Berger

                                 Asst. Principal Roseatta Darcy

             Director CST/Related Services/Nursing/ESU Dr. Bobbie Downs


    Nurses:  Connie Garrano

                    Diane Temple

                    Nora Kent

                    Lauren Johnson

    Pictures were taken of all with the Board.

    The second presentation was introduced by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ashanti Holley regarding the latest promotional video for the BCSSSD district which was recently completed.

    The Board approved a number of retirees to whom Dr. Nagy thanked for their years of service and to wish them good health and happiness in the next chapter of their lives.

    Dr. Nagy thanked all the staff and students and administration for all of their efforts to celebrate CTE month this past month and Black History Month.

    This month is Women’s History Month and Dr. Nagy noted that buildings are celebrating the great women current and throughout history who have made significant contributions to the very fabric of who we are as Americans.

    Dr. Nagy encouraged the public to look at our updated Points of Pride on both District websites. The pages celebrate the outstanding efforts of our staff, students and Board to make our districts a special place to celebrate student excellence.

    The Board also approved policy and regulations as part of the regular course of business in the districts as well as Perkins V Postsecondary and Secondary Grant Amendments.

    After Dr. Nagy thanked our student representative Liam Redford for his report on the various happenings on both of our BCIT Campuses he noted how much we have going on that brings pride to the district. Dr. Nagy noted how he loved how “Pi Day” was celebrated. Good old 3.14! There were a number of pie contests to celebrate the day. Dr. Nagy also extended congratulations on the performance of Hairspray.  He also noted that our Spring sports are well on their way. He cautioned that we do have a word of caution for our athletes and parents that on April 8th we will experience a partial eclipse of the sun between 2 and 4pm.  We will remind all to refrain from looking directly into the sun during that period of time.

    The Board approved a number of special education programs or services which are part of our operations to service our students.

    Dr. Nagy noted that he is happy to report that he just learned the day before the Board meeting, that Assistant Superintendent Eder Joseph, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Danielle Hartman and Dr. Nagy have had their proposal accepted and have been asked to present at the NJASA/NJAPSA Spring Leadership Conference in Atlantic City in May. The topic of our presentation is: A BCIT District Journey: Revolutionizing Teaching and the Classroom Interactive Learning Experience with AR/XR and AI. This is an honor to share with colleagues some of our innovative and best instructional practices.

    The Board also approved the teacher for our newest program at BCIT which will start in September: Video Game Design. This will separate us from many other school districts based on our State-of-the-Art facilities we are creating and the associated programming. This teacher will take us into the 22nd Century. Exciting.

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