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  • November Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Remarks

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 11/17/2023

    At the Board of Education meeting last evening, Dr. Nagy thanked the Alternative School at Mt. Laurel Principal Joan Barbagiovanni, her staff and student and the student’s parents for the great presentation this evening on their program and the dedication of the staff to support a student in recovery and who found hope through the staff. It was a powerful and inspiring presentation.

    Dr. Nagy recognized our retirees on the agenda and wished them good health and best wishes in their next endeavors.

    The Board approved Dr. Nagy’s addition to the superintendent agenda of AL for a degree status change and agreed upon the financial difference.

    Dr. Nagy noted that the Board of Education meeting for December will be on December 14th in the Rutgers Room across the street in the Board Office building and, due to the BCSSSD concert and Holiday Craft Fair, the Board meeting will begin at 4pm.

    The Board approved the revised job descriptions for Network Technician/Administrator, Computer Technician, Coordinator of Cooperative Education and Job Placement Non-Hazardous and Teacher of Criminal Justice.

    The Board approved the revised policy pertaining to School Organizations and approval of the revised Staff handbook for both BCIT and BCSSSD.

    The Board approved a very small revision to the 2023-2024 school calendar for BCSSSD to now include a Parent Teacher Evening Conference on February 13, 2024.


    In addition to items presented by our student representative to the Board, Liam Redford, Dr. Nagy highlighted the following:

    We are looking forward to our Advisory Dinner at the end of the month where we will honor two Successful Graduates of the Year, Kennedy Chukwuocka and Lendrell Martin and our Business Partner of the Year, Shamrock Heating and Cooling, as well as provide time with our Burlington County Business Partners and our BCIT staff to discuss our program and forge new directions and look to update the curriculum to reflect the emergent needs of the respective fields.

    The BCIT Education Foundation will be bringing in the holidays on December 6, 2023 from 8-10am to create holiday baskets to be chanced off as part of a fundraiser for scholarships. The Ed Foundation is looking for donations.  Please see the BCIT website for additional information.

    BCIT has recently been contacted by Gold Bond Building Products in Burlington as a recipient of a $30k donation as part of their Giving Tuesday 2023 Campaign to support our Robotics and Pre-Engineering programs. We are excited about this National Gypsum Company to provide such a generous gift to BCIT.

    Dr. Nagy noted at the end of his remarks that as we look toward next week, on behalf of the Board and administration, I wish all of you the very best for a Happy Thanksgiving and quality time with family and friends. We also remember those in our military services and those who we have lost during the past year and who we hold dear in our hearts.



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  • Selected Highlights from the Board of Education Meeting

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 10/19/2023

    At the Board of Education meeting last night, Dr. Nagy shared the following message which will also be shared with our parents and staff via separate communications at the end of this week which highlights mental health resources:

    Dear Staff, Parents and Guardians of BCIT/BCSSSD Students,

     This past week, as part of the campaign for National Mental Awareness Day, the district shared mental health resources over our social media channels directing parents and guardians and staff to our websites for resources provided by the district (BCIT and BCSSSD). We understand that in addition to health-related concerns, tragic and disturbing global events may add more anxiety and concern to students and families. In some cases, across the state as reported by our Acting New Jersey Commissioner of Education, “there are reports indicating students are facing harassment at schools based on cultural or religious affiliation, including incidents involving racist and derogatory remarks, online bullying, and other harmful or threatening behaviors.”

    This week marks our focus in all of our buildings and across the State and nation on the importance of a week dedicated to Respect, Tolerance and Anti-bullying practices and zero tolerance for anything but a safe, supportive and inclusive environment in our schools.

    We are reminded that we, as educators, parents and the community, must work closely together to support and advocate for a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all students. Together, it is our responsibility to ensure that every student, regardless of background or belief, may feel safe, secure and free from discrimination while pursuing their education in our district.  We all have a role to play to reduce the anxieties of our young people and where needed, to take advantage of the resources offered by the school district as well as those highlighted by the New Jersey Department of Education to prevent harassment, intimidation and bullying and while supporting Trauma-Informed & Healing-Centered Practices

    The Board of Education, administration and educational staff are committed to supporting our educational community to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. We are also prepared to provide any assistance to those families who may have mental health and wellbeing concerns.  We thank you for being a valued partner in the education and support of the overall wellbeing of your child entrusted to the District.

    Referring to the agenda, Dr. Nagy acknowledged all those who have announced their retirements. He wished them good health and happiness in their retirement and next endeavors. He also thanked them for your dedicated service to our students and colleagues.

    The Board approved the replacement of the Superintendent’s executive administrative assistant. Dr. Nagy welcomed Sujata Ray who has an extensive background in administrative and educational support roles in districts at the building and district central office levels. Sujata has a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology and a Masters in Psychology and minors in education and statistics. She has a penchant for data and analytics.  Dr. Nagy also acknowledged the intensive processes his administrative team went through over the past three weeks to interview numerous candidates and to fill key positions.

    The Board approved Policy #3212.1 for attendance which was updated to include selections where a selection had to be made among two or more options for applications of practice in the district which were not checked last month. 

    Dr. Nagy acknowledged Liam Redford, the student representative to the Board and asked him to present his report on campus happenings.

    Following the report, Dr. Nagy noted how proud the Board, administration and he is pertaining to the efforts made to provide awareness during this Week of Respect and Anti-bullying. It is so important and so timely.

    Dr. Nagy also thanked personally and professionally all the BCIT staff who are helping the BCIT students in their college pursuit process by writing letters of recommendation. Dr. Nagy noted that he and his administrative colleagues have also joined the efforts. The extra effort is appreciated and speaks to the level of staff professionalism.

    Dr. Nagy noted that on the agenda was a slight change in the Homebound instruction numbers for BCIT West. There are now 3 students who are now placed on homebound instruction of which the Board approved.

    Discovery Night on both campuses will take place next Thursday, October 26th as we look to showcase our students, programs and campuses for potential new students.

    Dr. Nagy noted that the administration and staff are preparing now for the Fall Advisory Dinner on November 30th at the West Campus which will honor our Business Partner of the Year and Former Graduate of the Year.  Meeting with industry leaders and our CTE instructors will address current and future issues and trends and how BCIT can be positioned to respond.

    The SAMSA Grant is being utilized on both campuses and various agencies are providing support for the mental health and wellbeing of students and staff.

    The Board approved a replacement for the Director of Pupil Personnel Services who will be leaving the district the end of November.  Jill Trainor will be the new Director of Pupil Personnel Services at BCIT.  Jill has her LDTC, Masters in School Leadership, Masters in Reading and her Bachelors in Special Education.  She has extensive experience in the field and most recently has been the NJDOE Education Program Development Specialist.

    The Board approved an additional Coach for Wrestling to address a need to have a Girl’s wrestling coach given the popularity and compliance with Title IX.

    The Board also approved the BCIT Promotional videos, curriculum approvals and the acceptance of our self-assessment on the QSAC Performance Review.


    Dr. Christopher Nagy



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