• Information Technology
    Email: jrivera@burlcoschools.org


    Phone: 609-267-4226 Ext 8310




    Information Technology Instructor
    Career Major Department Head Teacher
    Assistant Coach Cross Country 

    I am a alumni of B.C.I.T and have dedicated myself to teaching the Information Technology students in a well-structured and fun environment.

    I have been teaching at B.C.I.T since September 2001 and have enjoyed being apart of our students lives.

    I received my Bachelors degree from the University of Phoenix in Information Technology/Web Development. I am looking to continue my career in education and helping all students and staff with their technology needs. 


    Teaching Philosophy:

    I like to teach in a structured environment that improves inter and intrapersonal skills amongst the students.

    In any career we get paid to troubleshoot or find answers, the students in this career major will learn how to find those answers though their critical thinking and through skill-building exercises.


    Additional Info:

    United States Marine Corps 1997 - 2000

    Chubb Institute - Computer Technical Support - Dean's List.

    University of Phoenix 
    BSIT - Web Development       
    Proud husband and father of two children!