BCIT Mathematics Department Summer Review

  • Dear Parent/Student,

    The math department suggests that you take time during your summer break to review some important topics that will help you to prepare for the math course that you are scheduled to take next year. With that goal in mind, Khan Academy launched new math courses to equip students with the critical skills they’ll need for the fall.  Khan Academy designed the courses, called Get Ready for Grade Level, to help students master the most important skills they’ll need for the next grade. What’s more, students can use the Khan courses to figure out where they may have gaps before they enter that grade.  Each math topic within the Khan Academy course is covered through video tutorials, interactive practice, assessment, and skill summaries all with instant feedback to help students track their progress toward mastery.  

    Have a safe and healthy summer break!


    Summer Review for students beginning Algebra 1 (Grade 9) Fall 2021

    Students will get ready for equations, inequalities, working with units, linear relationships, functions and sequences, exponents, radicals, irrational numbers, and quadratics.



    Summer Review for students beginning Geometry in 2021-2022

    Students will get ready for congruence, similarity, triangle trigonometry, analytic geometry, circles, and solid geometry.



    Summer Review for students beginning Algebra 2 in 2021-2022

    Students will get ready for polynomial operations and complex numbers, equations, tranformations, exponential and logarithmic relationships, trigonometry, and rational functions.



    Summer Review for students beginning Precalculus in 2021-2022

    Students will get ready for complex numbers, polynomials, composite and inverse functions, trigonometry, vectors, series, and conic sections.



    Summer Review for students beginning Calculus in 2021-2022

    Students will get ready for limits and continuity, differentiation, applying derivatives, integration, and applications if itnegration.



    Summer Review for students beginning Probability & Statistics in 2021-2022

    Students will explore categorical data, one-variable quantitative data, two-variable quantitative data, probability, random variables and probability distributions.



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