Reading throughout the summer builds important literacy strategies and helps students continue to develop as lifelong readers. Since research on adolescent literacy repeatedly emphasizes the importance of choice in motivating students to read, BCIT will be initiating a voluntary summer reading program this year.

    Students are encouraged to choose ‘parent-approved’ young adult books to read and write about via online book reviews found by clicking on the link, Submit Book Review Here. Students can visit their local libraries and returning students in grades 10-12 may sign out summer reading books from BCIT school media centers by June 26, 2018. See sites below for popular teen titles and easy online access:

    Two credit points will be earned towards the first English test for each book review signed and submitted, regardless of which semester English is scheduled. A maximum of ten points is possible! Students will also earn a Pride card for each review signed/submitted for a special summer reading prize drawing in September.

    Book reviews will be open for submission beginning June 30 and will run through September 7. Please note that a parent/guardian’s electronic signature will be required for each book review submitted and students MUST complete all sections to obtain credit.