• Academy for Performing Arts

    The Academy of Performing Arts is comprised of four divisions; dance, drama, instrumental and vocal. This program will provide students a wide variety of academic options that include college preparatory, honors, and concurrent college/high school classes. This program prepares students for post-secondary education and/or entry to careers in the performing arts. BCIT – Medford offers an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities such as athletics, clubs, and organizations that center on his or her career theme and allow for students to have the complete high school experience. 


    Drama Teacher
    Website Email Address
    Mr. Cooney Mr. Cooney's Website scooney@burlcoschools.org 
    Dance Teacher
    Website Email Address
    Ms. Gebhart Ms. Gebhart's Website lgebhart@burlcoschools.org 
    Instrumental Teacher
    Website Email Address
    Dr. Turowski Dr. Turowski's Website pturowski@burlcoschools.org