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    Teacher of Automotive Technology








    I am a 8 Time ASE Master Technician, Factory Trained Technician and have worked for
    for all 5 divisions of General Motors, Honda, Toyota, and BMW.
    I am also a NJ State Inspector and Emissions Repair Technician and I have been teaching professionally since 1995.



    Teaching Philosophy:                      
    Teaching through “inquiry” involves engaging students in the
     learning process with instructor support and coaching at a
     level appropriate to their starting skills. Students learn 
     automotive specific content but in doing so, engage and
     refine their inquiry skills, thinking and problem solving abilities.
     I feel the most important thing is the ability to "think" rather
     than memorize.












    The goals of the automotive program fall into three categories;

    To prepare students for post-secondary education,

    To prepare students to enter the automotive industry,

    and to prepare students for ASE certification.


    This program is taught at the AST level and is nationally certified.