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    Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
    I have a Degree (B.A.) in Classical Languages (Latin and Greek) and a degree (B.A.) in Spanish Language and Spanish Literature from the University of "El Salvador", Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied Italian Language and Italian Literature (B.A.) at the Dante Aligheri Institute of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a "Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing". I have more than 20 years of teaching experience in Romance Languages (Spanish, Italian). I taught in several countries of the world. I read, write, and speak Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguesse. In 1988, I was selected by the Board of Education of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina as "Teacher of the Year".
    Teaching Philosophy:
    Education is a process of integrating knowledge and experience with culture and understanding. The art of teaching, especially when teaching a language, requires the docent to reach deep inside the subject and extract not only the material to be learned, but also the essence and value of the culture it represents. Language is learned best when the student encounters the people who speak the language and their society. This approach to learning is one that I deeply embrace and encourage. It has always been my pleasure to share all my knowledge and experience with my students as a world traveler and diversified teacher.


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