BCIT Scaffolded Writing Program


    This program is intended to assist teachers from all disciplines in implementing the literacy components of the Common Core State Standards.  History, Science, and Technical teachers are expected to include literacy strategies in classroom activities.

    *Standards can be found in the Genesis lesson planner under CCS and Language Arts.  Genesis does not separate them by discipline, so you must scroll through the ELA standards to find the literacy standards for History, Science, and Technical Subjects. 

    Common Core Standards Information and Links:
    There are a total of ten reading standards and ten writing standards that should be taught across disciplines.  The reading standards are specific to history or science and technology, but the writing standards are shared with history, science, and language arts.  The standards spiral, meaning that the core standard is always the same, yet it becomes more complex each year.  High school is grouped by grades 9-10 and 11-12.  In the first year, the concepts should be introduced.  In the second year, they should be mastered.