• BCIT - Adult Education is committed to serving your educational needs as veterans or active duty troops who may be transitioning into civilian life, seeking to pursue continuing education while still serving our country, or transitioning into a new career. Our certificate programs can help you to successfully enter the job market. BCIT - Adult Ed will work with you on coordinating your education benefits to be applied towards your course selection. Follow these simple steps to ensure your registration into our programs using your veterans’ benefits.

    Get Certified:

    • Visit the www.gibill.va.gov to explore your education options and request a certificate of eligibility.
    • Submit a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance as soon as possible.
    • Services members will need to complete a VA form 22-1990 applications for Veterans Benefits online.
    • Using Chapter 1606? You must secure a “Notice of Basic Eligibility.”

    Make an Appointment to Register:

    • Please call 609-267-4226 x 8230 to schedule an appointment with our Veterans Coordinator.
    • Bring to the appointment your Veterans Enrollment Certification Form and a DD214 (if applicable).
    • Complete the BCIT Adult Education Registration form at home or at your appointment.
    • School may require payment for the amount that is the difference between the amount of the student's financial obligation and the amount of the VA education benefit disbursement.

    Our School Certifying Official/Coordinator of Veteran Benefits, will be your point of contact at the school and will meet with you to answer any questions about our programs or the process of utilizing your educational benefits. Veterans and their dependents can make appointments with our Westampton Campus between 9AM and 3PM Monday through Friday. Please call 609-267-4226 x 8230 or send us an email to ETalavera@burlcoschools.org.

    • CHANGE OF STATUS: As a veteran using benefits to pay for your education, you are required to report your registration, to make sure you have been certified for that semester. Veterans must also report any course changes during the semester, to keep their file updated, and to avoid any unnecessary conflict in pay status.
    • VETERAN ABSENTEEISM: Excessive absenteeism could result in your benefits being decreased or terminated. The Veterans Service Center is kept informed of attendance records and will take appropriate actions to prevent overpayments by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
    • PAYMENTS: It can take 8 – 12 weeks after classes begin to receive the first payment following submission of certification of enrollment.

    For matters pertaining to Academic, Financial, Disability Counseling, or any other information regarding completing a course of education at BCIT, please follow up with Adult Ed Assistant Principal, Jesse Pappler, jpappler@burlcoschools.org


    BCIT is proud of the service you provide or have provided to protect our freedoms that we enjoy as United States citizens. We look forward to being of service to you in return.

    BCIT Adult Ed Veteran Services