•  Blended Learning Electives:

    We will be offering two blended learning classes this fall:

    Human Behavior:


    Human Behavior is a survey course in the fields of sociology and psychology, focusing on the beginning foundations of these fields as well as the methods in practice. Students will apply the class work through discussions of current issues, dilemmas and psychological research studies. Students will complete an inquiry-based research project. This is a great introductory class for someone who has an interest in psychology and the human psyche as it functions in society.


    Grades 10-12  

    Requirements: B average or better in English and history 

    Class Meeting Times:

    Tuesday 3:20-5:20 Class and study group

    Thursday 7:00-8:00 Online, synchronous meeting


    Forensic Science Applications:



    Forensic Science is the collection and analysis of information from past events that will be used within the legal system. Often times this information contains fingerprint analysis, chemical separation techniques, and DNA analysis. This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn, practice, and analyze Forensic Science information. Students will learn a variety of applications through labs and readings. The class will culminate in the investigation and analysis of crime scene evidence to solve a case study.


    Grades 10-12

    Requirements: B average or better in science and math

    Class Meeting Times:

    Monday, 7:00-8:00 Online, synchronous meeting

    Thursday, 3:20-5:20: Lab 

     Please contact dhartman@bcit.cc to enroll. Classes are limited to 15 students. In the event that more than 15 students apply, a lottery will be held for admission.